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Employee Development

Learn about employee performance development, an integral part of UC San Diego’s performance appraisal process. Developing employees is a shared responsibility between supervisor and employee.

Employee and supervisor responsibilities

Employees have the principal responsibility for developing their skills, knowledge, and experience. The supervisor's responsibility is to assess, inform, refer, guide, and develop. When supervisors and employees identify performance development goals during annual performance appraisals, the object is to identify opportunities that enable employees to sustain, improve, and build upon past performance and contribute to organizational effectiveness.

Supervisors and department heads are encouraged to support employees' career development within their departments and the university. At the same time, they should exercise appropriate discretion and concern for equity and the operational needs of their departments. For information about addressing job-related, career-related, and educational enrichment professional development requests, see Implementing Procedure 50 (Professional Development) (PDF).

Training options



  • Guide to Performance Management (PDF) provides supervisors, work leaders and managers with useful information and step-by-step guidelines to performance management, including performance appraisal and employee development..
  • Individual Development Plans help you to organize and target your professional and personal development.
  • Online training at UC San Diego:
    • Access online tutorials for UC San Diego-specific procedures by visiting the UC Learning Center and using the Advanced Search to find Learning Activities with the "e-learning" delivery method.
    • Pecipio online trainings available in April 2022 in the UC Learning Center.
  • UC San Diego Libraries offer books, journals, slides, Library Express, and web, database and other resources.
  • Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) is a university-wide management development program designed to assess and improve on-the-job performance and to enhance competitiveness for management positions. Employees who are eligible may participate either as assessees or assessors. Watch for the Campus Notice for the availability of this program.
  • New Employee Orientation provides an overview of UCSD and the UC system via presentations from campus departments. New employees are invited to the program.
For more information, contact Staff Learning and Development, (858) 534-4890.
Notice: This is a summary of campus business services. In case of conflict in interpretation, the actual policies apply.