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Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP)

Find information about the UC Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP).


MSAP is designed to strengthen the engagement and preparation of UC supervisors, managers, and professionals. The 3–day, 3–night, off-site program is based on extensive research in the fields of management and organizational behavior and is comparable to other, more costly assessment programs.



The MSAP is best suited for individuals who have demonstrated a management career path through education and/or experience.

  • One or more years of service at UC (past probation, career status)
  • Supervisor support
  • __Assistant III-Supervisor, equivalent or above

Highest priority will be given to applicants with 1–5 years of experience supervising or managing people or projects and 1–5 years in their current job.


Assessors are expected to be experienced managers who meet most of the following criteria:

  • Coaching experience
  • Employee development experience
  • Experience leading and/or working with groups
  • Ability to commit to participating in 2 MSAP programs over the course of 2 years
  • PSS VI, equivalent or above

Assessors receive a 2–day training prior to the program and additional training on site to prepare them for their role. Past assessors have found the MSAP experience of sharing their expertise with assessees to be valuable both professionally and personally.

When, where, how much?

The program is offered twice annually at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center. Upcoming program dates are listed on the MSAP website.

There is no fee for assessors. The fee for assessees includes food and lodging for 3 days and 3 nights and a comprehensive feedback assessment. 

How to apply

Participation in MSAP is determined through a competitive application process. Please submit your online application by the deadline date stated in the program call for applications.

For more information, visit the MSAP website or email
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