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Terminating an Employee: Department Checklist

HR Contacts and Supervisors, use this checklist to determine the steps to take when you must terminate an employee

For information about layoff or reduction in time, see Layoff/ Reduction in Time.

For information about employee termination, contact your employee relations and labor relations specialists.

Supervisor - Check with your department's HR contact.

Discuss the following:

  • Reasons for the employee's termination
  • All applicable termination policies, and how they were followed
  • Filling the vacancy

HR Contact - Process the separation through UCPath Online.

Access UCPath Online online to:

  • Submit an involuntary termination template transaction: Enter the Effective Date; this should be the first day the employee has the status of terminated (not the last day worked)Click the Reason Code drop-down menu; select the applicable reason for the termination.
  • The Last Date Worked field defaults to the work day prior to the Effective Date. It should always be earlier than the Effective Date and is the employee’s last day on pay status.  For employees terminating while on a leave of absence, the Last Day Worked should be the last day working prior to the start of the leave.
    • Request Final Pay Request. Final Pay must be requested.  The system automatically selects the Off Cycle? Check box for involuntary terminations.  Ensure that you put in notes that the Final Pay needs to be expedited due to the specific details of the circumstances. 
    • The department also needs to make sure that they submit a case to UCPC to let them know about the termination and request for expediting the request.  If the department does not do this, there is a risk of the final check showing up in the employee’s bank account before they are aware of the termination. 
    • If the Final Pay request is submitted before 2:00pm, it will take 3 business days for the final pay to show in the employee’s bank account.  If it is submitted after 2:00pm, it will take 4 business days for the final pay to show in the employee’s bank account.

HR Contact - Complete all necessary forms.

UCPath center is now handling all Unemployment Insurance Claims.
  • If HR Contacts or employees have questions, please submit an inquiry to:
    • UCPath portal by logging in and submitting a question by clicking on the “Ask UCPath Center” button.
    • Or, you can contact UCPath Center at 855-982-7284 and request to speak with the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Team.
  • If the UI Team does not have enough information to process a claim they will notify Employee Relations, who will contact the HR Contact via email to obtain the needed information.
  • For more information regarding the Unemployment Insurance Claims process, please refer to the UI Roles and Responsibilities (PDF) 
  • State Unemployment Office, Employment Development Department (EDD) information:
  • Signature Authorization or Cancellation FO2091 (Excel) (PDF)
  • COBRA forms and information:
    • Inform the employee that after the separation date has been entered into the UCPath system, WEX (formerly Discovery Benefits) will mail the appropriate COBRA information close to the date benefits end. COBRA rates can be viewed online (PDF).
    • Contact WEX/Discovery Benefits about COBRA at 844-561-1338 or
    • Contact Human Resources at (858) 534-2816 if you need further assistance.
  • Parking Cancellation and Refund form (PDF) (Employee must complete and take to the Parking Office, along with the parking placard.) or via the current method of cancellation which is to email  In the subject of the email, write “Cancel My Deduction,” attach a photo of your parking permit cut in half, and request to have your parking deductions canceled.
  • Update your Address if needed by going to UCPath OnlinePending travel advances or vouchers, or authorized reimbursements.

Note: Forms, especially COBRA, must be submitted in a timely manner to ensure continuation of coverage. For assistance with forms, contact your HR benefits representative.

HR Contact and Supervisor - Determine how to reuse or dispose of the employee's electronic files and communications, if appropriate.

Discuss and assist the employee with the following:

  • E-mail:
    • Which e-mail messages should be transferred or deleted?
    • Is an e-mail absence message is required to:
      • Indicate the employee has left the department?
      • Redirect inquiries to the appropriate department contact?
    • Is setting up temporary network access to obtain copies of personal communications necessary?
  • Voice mail:
    • Reset password to the five-digit extension number.
    • Determine if a forwarding message is necessary.
  • Electronic files:
    • Determine which files should be transferred or deleted.
    • Provide the employee with an alternate area to transfer necessary files.
    • Instruct the employee to delete files.

See PPM 135-5, Section V. Access Restrictions, for further guidance.

HR Contact - Terminate the employees' access to UC electronic resources.

After you have transferred or deleted the e-mail and network files:

  • Notify your department security administrator (DSA) to terminate access to any of the following:
    • Link family
    • Web IFIS
    • IFIS
    • ISIS
    • Data Warehouse
  • Notify your department's network administrator to terminate the employee's computer login to:
    • Local servers
    • Department dial-in service
    • E-mail service
    • Other local network operations and charges

HR Contact - Terminate all other UCSD services.

Cancel or transfer access to the following, where applicable:

HR Contact and Supervisor - Make sure the employee returns any UC property.

  • Verify that the employee returns these items:
    • Cell phones
    • Computers
    • Pagers
    • Radios
  • Confirm receipt of:
    • UCSD ID card
    • Calling cards on all indexes
    • Copy cards
    • UCSD Diners MasterCard
    • Express Card
    • Keys or key cards
    • Parking garage access cards
  • Check with your department's property administrator to ensure that the employee returned all UC equipment.

HR Contact - Update contact information.

  • Emergency contact list
  • Internal forms
  • Office security codes, access codes on keypads
  • Security alarm lists
  • Web pages and directories
  • Faculty/ staff directory


Notice: The information on this page summarizes provisions of university policies and/or collective bargaining agreements. Refer to the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and local implementing procedures or applicable collective bargaining agreement for full text of referenced information.