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When an Employee Retires from UC San Diego: Department Checklist

Supervisors, use this checklist to determine the steps to take when an employee submits a notice of retirement.

For information about employee separation other than retirement, see Employee Separation: Overview.

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Check with your department's HR contact.

Discuss the following:

  • How will you fill the vacancy?
  • Is the employee willing to train a replacement?

Process the separation through the Payroll Personnel System (PPS).

  • Complete the separation bundle:
    • Change the Direct Deposit to Paper Check (Code 3).
    • Change the employee's address, if applicable.
    • Calculate the vacation and sick hours.
    • Verify the last day of work.
    • Verify the separation date, if different from last day of work.
  • End all appointments and distributions.
  • Print the completed form. If your department requires, ask the employee to review and sign a copy of the form for your department file, then give a copy to the employee.
  • Arrange for the retiring employee to receive the final paycheck.

Complete all necessary forms.

Complete (or assist the HR contact or employee in completing) the following forms where applicable:

Note: Submit forms in a timely manner to ensure continuation of coverage. For assistance, contact your HR benefits representative.

Determine how to reuse or dispose of the employee's electronic files and communications.

Discuss with the employee:

  • Email:
    • Which email messages should be transferred or deleted?
    • Is an email absence message required to:
      • Indicate the employee has left the department?
      • Redirect inquiries to the appropriate department contact?
    • Is setting up temporary network access to obtain copies of personal communications necessary?
  • Voice mail:
    • Reset password to the five-digit extension number.
    • Determine if a forwarding message is necessary.
  • Electronic files:
    • Determine which files should be transferred or deleted.
    • Provide the employee with an alternate area to transfer necessary files.
    • Instruct the employee to delete files.

Terminate the employee's access to UC electronic resources

After you have transferred or deleted the email and network files:

  • Notify your department security administrator (DSA) to terminate access to any of the following:
    • Link family
    • PPS
    • Web IFIS
    • IFIS
    • ISIS
    • Data Warehouse
  • Notify your department's network administrator to terminate the employee's computer login to:
    • Local servers
    • Department dial-in service
    • Email service
    • Other local network operations and charges

Terminate all other UCSD services.

Cancel or transfer access to the following, where applicable:

  • Cell phone service
  • Compass card (transit pass)
  • Department copy cards: Contact Clarissa Bash, (858) 534-2534
  • UCSD Travel Card
  • Express Card
  • Telecom services, including:
    • Authorization codes
    • Calling cards
    • Pagers
    • Radios
    • Telephones (land lines)
    • Voice mail
  • Buyer code: Contact Kathy Meadows, (858) 534-3091.
  • Environment, Health & Safety privileges: Notify EH&S if the employee was authorized to work with regulated materials, including:
    • Biohazardous material
    • Radioactive material
    • Controlled substances
    • Lasers
    • Select Agents
    • Human gene transfer clinical trials

Make sure the employee returns any UC property.

  • Verify that the employee returns these items:
    • Cell phones
    • Computers
    • Pagers
    • Radios
  • Confirm receipt of:
    • UCSD ID card
    • Calling cards on all indexes
    • Copy cards
    • Diners MasterCard
    • Express card
    • Keys or key cards
    • Parking garage access cards
  • Check with your department's property administrator to ensure that the employee returned all UC equipment.

Update contact information.

Remove the employee's name from the following areas, where applicable:

  • Emergency contact list
  • Internal forms
  • Office security codes, access codes on keypads
  • Security alarm lists
  • Web pages and directories
  • Faculty/ staff directory

Review information on retirement gifts and celebrations.

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Notice: The information on this page summarizes provisions of university policies and/or collective bargaining agreements. Refer to the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and local implementing procedures or applicable collective bargaining agreement for full text of referenced information.