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Career Tracks

Learn about Career Tracks, a systemwide job classification structure.

Career Tracks (CT)

  • Organizes job titles into occupation-specific groupings called families (e.g., Information Technology, Finance, Student Services). Within each family are more specific groupings, called functions, which contain different levels of responsibility and scope. These groupings are more specific than our current system, with more standardized titles. Each title has a generic description of the work typically performed.
  • Ensures the consistency of job descriptions and levels within the job families at each location. Our current job specifications are antiquated and the new matrices will ensure consistency in classification processes in Central Human Resources and in departments that have delegated authority. 
  • Creates lateral reclassifications. When we implement and map our current positions to the new Career Tracks payroll titles, all positions will be mapped to the new Career Tracks Salary Range and Grade Structure as lateral reclassifications, therefore no salary changes are anticipated as a result of the new Career Tracks payroll titles. The Career Tracks Salary Range and Grade Structure can only be used for positions that have been mapped to the new CT payroll titles.
  • Is being implemented in 5 phases.

Career Tracks will help us

  • Standardize job classification levels and job descriptions systemwide.
  • Prepare job descriptions more quickly and easily.
  • Classify job descriptions more quickly, supporting transparent classification decisions.
  • Understand and explain the similarities and differences among specialties and levels.
  • Easily identify specific types of positions across campus.
  • Provide clearer development paths - matrices show progression of levels.
  • Compare specific titles to the job market.

More information

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