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CMS Release Notes

See an overview of the newest CMS changes and features.

Change Log

Changes implemented by WTS in CMS Templates version 5 and features released for Cascade CMS by Hannon Hill are documented below — they are searchable, listed chronologically, and can be organized by Category.

Category Key

  • Accessibility: updates that improve accessibility
  • CMS Upgrade: Cascade changes by Hannon Hill
  • CMS UX: changes to reviewing and editing in the CMS
  • Design: color options, and other visual enhancements
  • User UX: end user improvements

2021 Updates

Month Category What We Updated Description
August Design Page Template

Profile listing page template, lighter gray background to match other module backgrounds.

August Accessibility Hero Rotator Links

Descriptive tags have been added to links and pre-canned trident images on the back end so that users will have a clearer idea of where they are on the page.

Previously, rotator items and images were listed as links without any context and locked the user into the list of links.

August Accessibility Breadcrumb Links

Descriptive tags have been added to breadcrumbs links on the back end so that users will have a clearer idea of where they are on the page, e.g. the final breadcrumb tells user 'Current Page.'

Previously, breadcrumbs were listed as links floating between head and body without any context.

August User UX Navigation Links

Top of left-hand navigation box now links to the homepage for that section or folder.

Previously, we needed to use the breadcrumb links to go up a level.

August User UX, Accessibility  Hyperlink Style

All links will display underlined text even when cursors are not hovering over them.

Previously, links displayed only as blue text.

August User UX Tables

Use 'id="datatable-ns"' to create a table that doesn't sort automatically.

July Accessibility Page Template

Drawer template now announces if a particular drawer is expanded or collapsed. 

Expand and Collapse All, updates all drawers according to the selected state.

July Accessibility Format

Links are now underlined by default for CMS template main content area.

July Accessibility Homepage Hero Template

Homepage Hero has better play/pause control and dynamic aria labels.

July Accessibility Homepage Hero Template Homepage Hero keyboard navigation flow improvements.
July CMS UX CMS Template

The left navigation parent container title is now linked to its container index page. 

Parent folder is clickable (previously user had to click on breadcrumbs to navigate out of the folder).

June Accessibility Calendar Template

Previous and Next month buttons used to read as "button" using a screen reader. 

They now have an aria-label that describes them.

May User UX, Design Buttons

Module and content buttons have been modified so they can wrap in to a second line when viewing pages in smaller screens.

May Accessibility CMS Settings
(Edit mode)

Element highlight/outline on keyboard focus is restored to browser default.

May CMS UX CMS Settings

Asset Naming Rules were enabled for folders and pages

This enforces the standard asset naming convention, all lowercase, hyphens instead of spaces.

May CMS UX CMS Settings
(Edit mode)

The option to select WYSIWYG or Shared Block is a radio button and will display one selected option. 

Previously, if unselected WYSIWYG content did not appear.

2020 Updates

2020 CMS UX, Design CMS Settings

Drawer Page Template, option to select Dark or Light for drawer styling.

Options are either narrower navy blue with triangle to open or wider light gray drawers with plus/minus to open.

2019 Updates

January 2019 CMS Upgrade Cascade version 8.11 Main changes: preview draft, publish to stage, and absolute dates on modified assets. See Hannon Hill's release notes.