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Adding a New Page or Folder in the CMS

Learn how to create new pages and folders in the campus CMS.

Create the new page

  1. Drill down to the folder where you want the new page or folder to appear. The page will be created in this location by default.
  2. From the menu bar, select + Add Content to open the add content menu

    add content button

  3. Select the appropriate content you want to add. This could be a page template, Module (open the Modules folder), File, Folder or Image.

    Add Content screenshot

  4. Enter the Name and Metadata for your content.
  5. Complete any content fields as needed.
  6. Click Preview Draft
  7. Click Submit to review and publish the page (if you don't click Submit the page will be saved in your drafts queue and can't be published).
  8. The new page is now saved in the CMS. You need to publish it for it to appear on the staging server or live site.