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CMS Page Templates

Learn about different template choices for your CMS pages.

When you open the Edit screen for a page, the exact fields you see will depend on your page template and site. Blink and TritonLink will look slightly different than general CMS sites.

If you need to change the template for a page, email

Template types

All sites

Blink- / TritonLink- specific


Within the template, content is organized into blocks. Blink and TritonLink name blocks based on function only, ex: Introduction, Main Content, Contact Line. General CMS sites name blocks by function and location, ex: Navigation, Left Block, Middle Block.

Shared Blocks

Some content is maintained in a block outside of a specific page. These blocks can then be shared by multiple pages. On this page, the blue "Departments" area on the left is a shared block. The block is in a separate folder in the CMS (in this case _contacts in Blink) and then linked from specific pages. To change a shared block on a page, navigate to the shared block in the CMS, edit it and then publish the relationships to the block.