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Consumer Hub for BI and Financial Reporting

The Consumer Hub is the centralized location for updates related to Business Intelligence (BI) & Financial Reporting. All communications related to a release refer you here for additional details.

Oracle Introductory Lessons


  1. Oracle BI - Introduction provides a quick overview of UC San Diego's move to Oracle for BI and Financial Reporting, including the importance of data accuracy in source systems.
  2. Oracle BI - Key Terminology defines key terms to know before using Oracle's new BI & Financial Reporting tools.
  3. Oracle BI - BAH Access covers how to access BI & Financial reporting tools through the Business Analytics Hub (BAH).

BI & Financial Reporting Defined

The BI & Financial Reporting team is the centralized development team that includes: BI Publisher Developers, OTBI developers, Catalog Migration support, BI Administrators, Training and Communication specialists and strategic leadership. This team was set up in January 2021 in an effort to provide trusted, vetted financial reporting.

Support Descriptions

 Visit the BI & Financial Reporting 'Get Help' page for more information about resources. 

Support Type Description
One-on-One Session

You are invited to sign up for a One-on-On Session to interact with a member of the BI & Financial Reporting team who can help add context and answer questions that arise as a result of the training and activities.

One-on-On Sessions provide human interaction in follow up to the self-paced online training. Campus clients will have already been introduced to the basics and had the opportunity to access the reporting tool and should attend a One-on-ONe Session if they have specific questions. It is NOT necessary to sign up for every session offered. 

 Sign up for a one-on-one session directly on Calendly.

Office Hours

Office Hours is an open-access Zoom line that enables a campus client to log in and out at their leisure to obtain specific, real-time assistance from the BI & Financial Reporting team while utilizing the reporting tool in the course of their normal tasks.

It is NOT necessary to sign up nor is it necessary to sit on the open line for the entire duration. Office Hours are offered when new dashboards are launched. Schedules and Zoom links will be posted here when they are offered. 


Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.