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Playlists in MediaSpace

Channel playlists can serve a variety of purposes.

PlaylistPlayer_800w.pngMedia playlists are a nice way to organize different types of content. They can only be created within channels; that is, they do not live in your "My Media."

Use the links in the page navigation to see tutorials for specific topics regarding MediaSpace playlists.

What's a Playlist?

A playlist is a collection of media arranged in a certain order. Once arranged, they play in a special media player that shows upcoming and/or previous content, allowing viewers to jump to other selections if they want.

In MediaSpace, they can only be created within channels, so they can't be found or stored in "My Media" or copied to other channels.

What Can You do With Playlists?

Playlists are useful ways to organize and present content. Below are some ideas of how they could be useful to you.

Group Related Videos into Categories

If you have a large number of videos in your channel, the Media Gallery quickly becomes difficult to navigate. Creating a playlist adds a "playlists" tab to the channel helps you organize your channel's media using any criteria you want (topic, media type, date, etc).

Chunk Your Videos

Research on multimedia use in educational settings suggests that your videos should be short - ideally less than 12 minutes and no more than 20 (Lagerstrom 2015). If you have a long video, consider breaking it up into smaller videos by leveraging the video editor to duplicate and break them apart and then using a playlist to link them together conceptually.


Lagerstrom, L. The myth of the six minute rule: student engagement with online videos. Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education, 14-17.

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