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MediaSpace Channels

Channels comprise a feature that distinguishes Kaltura’s capabilities in MediaSpace as a way to gather multimedia you'd like to share in one place. Here’s everything you need to know.

While Kaltura's features are offered both through Canvas and MediaSpace, only MediaSpace allows for the use of channels. They're a great way to organize, share, and gather content from multiple users. You may already be familiar with the concept of channels from using YouTube - the concept is very similar.

What is a MediaSpace Channel?

A MediaSpace channel is basically a collection of videos. To put a video into a channel, the channel must exist (you can create one yourself), and the video must be "published" to that channel. 

Channels allow MediaSpace users to:

  • Gather similar content to share in one place
  • Choose whether to restrict channel access to just specific users or the UCSD community, or to make it public (to anyone on the Internet)
  • Identify who to contribute content
  • Elect to moderate any content that gets added
  • Enable channel members to subscribe to the channel (getting alerts when content is added)

Use the links below or the site navigation to learn how to use channels:

Have additional questions about video? Contact Multimedia Services at