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Embedding Media from MediaSpace

One of the advantages of MediaSpace is that you can grab embed codes and insert videos and playlists on external websites.

Within MediaSpace, there are four main ways to make videos visible to others:

  1. Setting the publication status of a video to "unlisted" and sending viewers the page's URL
  2. Adding a video to a channel (where its visibility depends on the channel's privacy settings)
  3. Adding collaborators (co-viewers, co-publishers, and co-editors) so that your video displays in their "My Media"
  4. Embedding the video on a website

This section of tutorials focuses on the fourth option above: embedding. Feel free to use the links in the left navigation or below to jump to the specific tutorial you're looking for:

What does it mean to "Embed" a Video?

Embedding a video is when you copy specific code and paste it into the HTML of a web page, which then makes the video playable on that page.

In Canvas, you can only embed Kaltura videos into course elements, such as pages, quizzes, discussion posts...basically anywhere you see the rich content editor. Kaltura makes it easy to embed video in Canvas, though, by offering a button-based workflow you can use. If you want to embed a video outside of Canvas, though, you'll need to grab the video's embed code from MediaSpace.

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