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Instructional Technology

Learn about instructional technology options to enhance your UC San Diego courses.

Educational Technology Services helps facilitate teaching and learning in service of the University’s educational mission, with a commitment to quality, collaboration, customer focus, innovation, and inclusiveness.

See Classroom Technology to learn about equipment information, laptop connections and classroom help.

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Podcasts can improve lesson retention and allow for further review and study. Create an audio recording of your lectures with the option of including visuals from your computer or the room’s document camera. General assignment classrooms are equipped to record and upload podcasts for immediate playback through a web browser or playback device. Visit to access current course podcasts and find information about podcasting your course.

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Canvas (Learning Management System)

Track course information, materials, assignments, grades and more on the campus learning management system. Visit

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Submit a Instructional Technology Request (CINFO) request to supplement your course with computer lab time, access to specialty software, additional data storage, or the use of media in course assignments. Visit for more information and to make a request.

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Instructional Computing for Courses

Request new hardware and software, facility modifications, and instructional resources that are not already available with an Instructional Computing Plan. Departments submit proposals in February for the following academic year. Contact Educational Technology Support for more information.

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Jupyter Notebooks for Data Science/Machine Learning 

Provide a research-level computing environment to students through their web browsers via Jupyter notebooks. Users create code in Python notebooks incorporating toolkits such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, then run jobs on high-end CPU/GPUs at UC San Diego.  Per-course software environments, shared data sets, and automated grading are available. Visit Data Science & Machine Learning Platform for more information.


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Access popular University-licensed software on a personal computer anywhere there is a broadband Internet connection. Visit

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Google Apps for Courses

Utilize Google Apps for Education to share course materials, communicate, and collaborate with students on the class roster. Visit Google Apps at UC San Diego.

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Assess student comprehension through personal clicker units that allow students to instantly transmit responses to your questions. The no-cost service includes setup help and training. Visit

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Instructional Videos

Supplement your course materials with video. Achieve professional results with video techniques like green screen and the unique Learning Glass recording system. Professional scripting, video editing, and captioning services are included. Visit

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Learning Glass

Create instructional videos using an award-winning technology that records instructor lessons and notations through a glass board. The result is a more natural delivery of lesson concepts that increases student engagement. Learn more about the Learning Glass.

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Studio U

Studio U is a free-to-use, self-service resource to support the creation of video content for instruction and academic programs. With simple push-button controls, you can record green screen, learning glass, screen annotation or other kinds of videos. Once finished you will walk away with a USB thumb drive containing a completed video you made all by yourself. Visit

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Media & Video Assignment Support

Provide your students with access to the cameras and video production equipment they need to complete course assignments. Media professionals are also available to help instructors integrate video into course assignments. Visit

Campus Technology Advisors

Digital Technology Resource Advisors (DTRAs) are facilitators who help you navigate the complex IT environment to find the technology and resources you need for research and instruction. They can help you with private and public cloud solutions, storage and management of research data, high-speed network connections, and more.

DTRAs also offer hands-on integration support for demos and proof-of-concept to show your ideas to granting agencies. Services are provided free of charge by IT Services Research IT.

Visit or email for information.

Event Support

University Centers Technical Services offers audio-visual equipment and event production support at most locations throughout the UC San Diego campus. Contact the University Centers Technical Event Services team at (See How to Plan a Campus Conference for additional event-planning support, beyond tech services.)

For help planning large-scale conferences, meetings, and summertime programs (including arrangements for overnight housing), contact UC San Diego Hospitality and Conference Services.

Audiovisual Systems Design & Installation

Department conference and classroom systems are individually designed by UC San Diego AV design professionals to work for your space. Visit AV Design & Installation for more information.