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Studio U

Learn about Studio U, the self-service video and screen capture studio for faculty and staff use


Studio U is a free-to-use resource for the campus to support the creation of video content for instruction and academic programs. With simple push-button controls, you’ll be able to record green screen, learning glass, screen annotation or other kinds of videos. Once finished you will walk away with a USB thumb drive containing a completed video you made all by yourself.

Studio U Features

Studio U was designed to address the typical video recording needs on campus. Using just the control panels in the room, you can create:

  • Green Screen videos with several options for displaying slides/screen content and on-screen annotations
  • Interview videos with a curtain backdrop with up to 3 people standing or seated
  • Learning Glass videos for delivering engaging chalkboard-style content

All videos are recorded directly to a USB thumb drive. Within moments of stopping your recording, you’ll be able to walk away with a video file that is ready to post to a course website or online video platform, or that can be edited using standard video editing programs.


Ready to try Studio U?

Request your recording session using the form below, or contact Multimedia Services if you have questions or would like more information about the room. Download the Studio U guidelines to get ready before your first recording session.

Studio U is located in the Applied Physics & Mathematics building, room B302.