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Non-PO Payments

Learn how to process requests for non-PO payments or reimbursements through Concur or Services & Support.

Use the drawers below to determine which applications to use to process non-PO payments. All non-employee payees (including non-employee students) must register in PaymentWorks and receive a payee number in order to receive payment via our systems. More information on PaymentWorks can be found on the PaymentWorks Blink page.

If you have any questions on which application to use or about payee registration, please contact us via the Services & Support portal.

Processing through Concur

Concur is used to process the following reimbursement or payment types.

Meetings and Entertainment

  • Events including UC-Hosted Conferences, Retreats, Fundraisers (Concur Expense)
  • Catering (Concur Request)

Payment Product Requests & Employee Reimbursements

Processing through Services & Support

An updated Payment Request form is now available in Services & Support to process the reimbursement or payment to suppliers, Non-PO Payment to Employee form non-employees individuals, and non-employee students.  With this recent enhancement of the form, the Payment Request backup documentation below are no longer required. The questions on these forms have been incorporated into each Payment Type, gathering all the necessary information needed.

Additional Payment & Reimbursement to Employees

Occasionally reimbursements and payments are requested on behalf of another employee. In the following situations complete the Non-PO Payment to Employee form and submit it using this link to Services & Support to ensure your request is routed to the correct IPPS team. Use this form for the following situations: 

  • Award to Student
  • Fellowships/Allowances for Employees
  • Human Subject Compensation (Payment to employee participants)
  • Petty Cash Reimbursement/Replenishment
  • Refunds for employees (including students) initiated by another department (i.e. refunds for RIMAC membership or parking permits)
  • Royalties for Employees
  • Student Emergency Loan
Find answers, request services, or get help from our team through the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.