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How to Hire Performing Artists for Campus Events

Faculty and staff, learn how to hire performing artists and speakers and how to complete university performance contracts.

All performance agreements for campus departments, UCSD staff, and faculty must be processed through the University Events Office (UEO). Follow the steps below.

Student organizations must submit performance agreement and event planning information through their Center for Student Involvement advisor.

1. Determine Eligibility for UCSD Performance Agreements

Eligible for UCSD Performance Agreements

If the performer falls under one of these categories, continue to Step 2 unless otherwise specified.

  • Student(s)
    • When hiring a Student Organization or a student performer from an Student Organization a performance agreement should be completed, but payment will be processed through campus recharge. For payment details, see this page.
    • When hiring a student who is employed by a UC Campus Department, but not associated with a student organization, a performance agreement should be completed and payment should be processed through the hiring department's Human Resources office (payroll).
    • When hiring a student who is not employed by a UC Campus Department, and not associated with a student organization, see How to Hire Students.
    • When hiring a student who is performing free of charge, a $0 performance agreement (short form) should be completed for insurance liability purposes. The W-9 is not required or needed.
  • Speaker
    • People invited by UCSD to serve as guest speakers in a classroom setting may be paid an honorarium. Honorarium payments are paid in lieu of reimbursement of travel expenses or any other payment of fees for service.
    • If the guest speaker has been invited to speak at a special event, the UEO performance agreement should be completed.
    • Honoraria payments for non-UC employees should be made via the online Oracle Process.
    • Payments to UC employees:
      • Full-time academic employees of UCSD are not generally eligible for honoraria payments.
      • UC employees should not be paid honoraria via Concur but rather via the Payroll process.
      • Employees of other UC campuses are eligible, but should be paid via the intercampus payment process. Follow the instructions in How to Process a One-Time Intercampus Payment.
      • Payments for periods of greater than 2 weeks should be reviewed carefully. Generally periods of greater than 2 weeks should be handled via the payroll process.
      • For additional information, refer to Academic Personnel Services.
  • DJ
  • Band
  • Vocalist
  • Dance company/ dancer
  • Magician

Ineligible for UCSD Performance Agreements

Create a Purchase Order (PO) in Oracle Procurement

  • Rides
  • Games
  • Leadership training workshops
  • Instructional services (e.g., academic subject, dance, yoga)
  • Auctioneer
  • Face Painter
  • Henna Artist
  • Balloon Artist
  • Caricature Artist
  • Bouncy Services
  • Casino Night services
  • Auctioneer

2. Gather Information

  • Event title, performer's name, and description of event
  • Performance date, start and end time, performance venue
  • Any university obligations, such as travel arrangements, accommodations, or necessary equipment
  • Payment information, including address, phone number, and citizenship of payee and amount to be paid
  • Sponsoring department information, including department name, Mail Code, recharge index number, and your name, phone number, and e-mail
  • Departments processing Performance Agreements for Student Organizations:
    • Issue Performance Agreement to Student Organization using UC San Diego address (9500 Gilman Drive) and the Student Org. mail code.
    • Performance Agreement must be signed by a principal member of the student organization.

3. Complete and Submit the Contract

Choose the Correct Form

  • If the total monetary value is less than $1,000 (including any travel expense reimbursement), complete and submit the form (login required).
    • Your department must pay a $15 form processing fee, which will be charged to the Chart of Accounts number you provide.
  • If the total monetary value is $1,000 or greater, complete and submit the form (login required).
    • Your department must pay a $20 form processing fee, which will be charged to the Chart of Accounts number you provide.

Performer Riders/ Contracts

  • In certain situations, the Artist’s or Performer’s contract rider can be added as an addendum to the UEO Performance Agreement.
  • It is the responsibility of the hiring department to make any necessary edits to the artist’s rider prior to being submitted for final signature.
  • Any questions regarding artist’s riders can be directed to Anthony Tran.

4. Arrange for Signature

  • Following instructions on the agreement cover letter, the artist or agent will sign the performance agreement and return it via e-mail or mail to the person/department that initiated the agreement.  
    * Note: During the campus closure, please instruct the artist or agent to return the agreement via e-mail only.
  • After the signed agreement is returned to you, forward it to the University Events Office (UEO), Attn: Jennifer Mancano at Mail Code 0064 or via email to
    * Note: During the campus closure, please forward the agreement via e-mail only.
  • The University Events Office will send you a copy of the fully executed performance agreement.


5. Arrange for Payment

  • After you receive a copy of the fully executed agreement, use Services & Support (payment type Services, Honorarium; sub-type Performing Artist) to process the payment to the performer.
    • All payees must be active in Oracle. To check the status please use the Supplier Inquiry report in the Procure to Pay Panorama
    • If payee is not active then you must invite the payee to complete the PaymentWorks registration form.
    • You must have a fully executed contract before payment can be made.
  • Departments Hiring Student Organizations:
    • Contact Student Organization Fund Manager to obtain an index number.
    • Process a financial journal transfer to the index number provided by the Student Organization Fund Manager.


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