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Intercampus Transactions

Learn about intercampus transactions.

Types of transactions

There are several different scenarios to transferring funds between UC Campuses. The most important piece of information needed is what type of fund is being transacted to/from.

Learn about fund ranges.

IOC - Inter Office charge/ “Recharge” (non EMF Funds)

An IOC is a billing of expenses between two UC campuses or between one UC campus and the UC Office of the President (UCOP. In the case of a reimbursement, one UC location incurred expenses on behalf of another UC location and is seeking payment to cover the expenses.

  • To charge (invoice) another UC campus or UCOP, complete/ initiate the IOC form. (Excel), and return to
  • To pay another UC campus or UCOP direct them to their General Accounting Group to initiate an IOC per that campus IOC instructions. Provide your FAU (Financial Accounting Unit), called IFOPL here at UCSD, be sure to include index and account at a minimum.
    Note: if the FAU your department provides is a Sponsored Research (OPAFS/EMF) fund, the charge will hit a 63XXXX account, which will trigger IDC.
  • Gift Funds revenue cannot be transferred to another UC campus. If there is a multi-campus collaboration for the purpose of a UCSD gift, the other campus can recharge the expenses to UCSD. Follow the instructions above “To pay another UC campus a charge.“

IRR - Intercampus Request for Reimbursement (Sponsored Research Funds)

An IRR is a billing of expenses between two UC campuses’ Extramural Fund Groups where there is a Multi-Campus Agreement in place for a specific research project.

For more information see Multi-Campus Awards.

ILTF – Inter-location Transfer of Funds

An ILTF is a transaction that is a revenue transfer of funds between UC campuses or between a UC campus and the UC Office of the President (UCOP).

  • Extramural Awards - see above process for IRR’s. Budgetary transfers are not allowed on sponsored research funds.
    Note: these funds may require a MCA to transfer/charge, see MCA instructions
  • Gift Funds – cannot be transferred, see IOC above
  • Special State Appropriation Funds - see contact on fund ranges Blink page.

ILTFs to other UC's must be submitted by May 15, 2022 for Fiscal Year 2022.

Payroll Transfers

  • Inter-location One-Time Payment Form - A Payroll one-time inter-location payment is for wages paid to a UC employee for services or work rendered at another UC location.
  • Honorarium Payment - An honorarium is payment in recognition of an individual's or organization's special service or distinguished achievement where propriety precludes setting a fixed price.
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