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FY 20-21 Pay Controls and Compensation Exception Processes

As part of our current cost control initiative, the Chancellor’s Cabinet on July 13th endorsed implementing new exception approvals for Stipends, Equity Increases and Reclassifications for policy covered and represented employees, and changes to the STAR Awards program. These changes are effective as of July 1, 2020 and are outlined as below. 

For all requests, please obtain Vice Chancellor endorsement and route to the Compensation Analyst assigned to your VC Area/Department. Campus Human Resources will facilitate CHRO, CFO and EVC endorsements.


May be sought only if an employee is temporarily performing responsibilities of a vacant, higher-level position (interim or acting appointments) or other significant additional duties/special projects that are not part of the employee's regular position (ESR, UCPath). A stipend should not be sought unless exception criteria are met.

Control Process:

  • VC Approval -> HR/Compensation Review -> CHRO/CFO Endorsement
  • If VC-CFO: VC Approval -> HR/Compensation Review -> CHRO/EVC Endorsement

 System: DocuSign Form

 Please note:

  • Current active stipends are approved through 12/31/2020, or current end date, whichever is sooner
  • New stipends, or extensions of current stipends require exception approval

Equity Increases

Outside of bargaining unit negotiated wage increases there are certain circumstances when it is appropriate to request a salary review for an employee, and an equity increase may be warranted if there is:

  • Difficulty retaining or recruiting staff in specific functions or with specialized skills, or due to competitive market salaries
  • Changes in assigned functions or work tasks that increase the scope and complexity of the position but do not elevate the position to a higher classification
 Control Process:
  • VC Approval -> HR/Compensation Review -> CHRO/CFO Endorsement
  • If VC-CFO: VC Approval -> HR/Compensation Review -> CHRO/EVC Endorsement

System: Equity Module


As duties and responsibilities undergo significant changes, positions may be reviewed for reclassification. A reclassification may be warranted when there are significant changes in:

  • Significant increase in duties and responsibilities and/or level of complexity

Control Process:

  • Increases up to 10%
    • VC approval -> HR/Compensation Review and Endorsement
  • Increases greater than 10%
    • VC Approval -> HR/Compensation Review -> CHRO/CFO Endorsement
    • If VC-CFO: VC Approval -> HR/Compensation Review -> CHRO/EVC Endorsement

System: JDOnline

STAR Awards

  • Program suspended for 2020-2021

Salary Adjustments


Policies and Guidelines


  • Above Midpoint Request Form: (PDF) (Word)
  • Administrative Stipend Approval Form: (PDF) (Word)
  • Equity Increase Justification and Approval Record: (PDF) (Word)
  • FLSA Determination Form: (Word)
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Notice: The information on this page summarizes provisions of university policies and/or collective bargaining agreements. Refer to the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and local implementing procedures or applicable collective bargaining agreement for full text of referenced information.