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Administrative Stipends

Read about general guidelines for pay supplements to compensate an employee for a temporary increase in responsibility, and link to the matrix summarizing the guidelines specific to each bargaining unit.

Approval authority

Vice chancellors are authorized to approve administrative stipends up to one year for all staff employees with cash compensation below the Regental threshold, except students working in casual-restricted positions. This authority may be reassigned to:

  • A senior level assistant in the vice chancellor's office
  • Deans
  • Department heads/ business officers
  • Department chairs

Authority can be reassigned only once, with no further reassignment. Administrative stipend requests for casual-restricted positions should be forwarded to the assistant student employment supervisor, Career Services Center/ Employment Services, for approval.

Required documentation

Those authorized to approve administrative stipends must complete and maintain the Administrative Stipend Approval Form (DocuSign) in department files. Compensation specialists will randomly audit administrative stipends approved outside of the Human Resources Department for compliance with policies and collective bargaining agreements. The audit will include a review of the form and the changes entered into the PPS. Audit results will be periodically communicated to vice chancellors.

The stipend form should be routed via the DocuSign link above. To assist in preparing your request, you may download the PDF version.  

General considerations

  • Any request to provide a stipend to an employee that causes their total annualized cash compensation to exceed the Regental threshold, must be submitted in advance to the campus Senior Management Program Coordinator.
  • An administrative stipend may be provided only when an employee is temporarily assigned, for a period of at least 30 working days, responsibilities of a higher level position or other significant duties not part of the employee's regular position.
  • The maximum duration for an administrative stipend is one year. Extensions beyond one year require approval by Human Resources.
  • Permanent increases in responsibility are appropriately addressed through the reclassification or promotion processes, not via administrative stipend.
  • Generally, the amount of the administrative stipend shall not exceed the amount of salary increase that could be received by an employee if the employee was to receive a permanent promotion to the higher grade/classification.
  • The effective date for the administrative stipend will be the first day the higher-level duties are assumed.
  • Employees remain in their primary classification (position of record) for the duration of the administrative stipend and are subject to the policies/ collective bargaining agreement terms applicable to that classification.
  • Supervisory responsibilities are not normally assigned on a temporary basis to employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Consultation with Human Resources is advised before temporarily assigning supervisory responsibilities to exclusively represented employees.
  • Following approval, the administrative stipend may be entered into UCPath using one of the following title codes:
    • 0496 – Manager and Senior Professional positions
    • 9899 – Exempt Professional and Support Staff and exclusively represented positions
    • 9898 – Nonexempt Professional and Support Staff and exclusively represented positions
  • The pay should be coded using the following Description of Service (DOS) code: SAS

See Administrative Stipend Guidelines for specific bargaining units.

For more information, contact the Compensation Unit, (858) 534-0986.
Notice: The information on this page summarizes provisions of university policies and/or collective bargaining agreements. Refer to the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and local implementing procedures or applicable collective bargaining agreement for full text of referenced information.