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Rate-Setting Guidelines for UCSD Staff

Read about salary-setting policies and procedures for career positions of any duration.

To ensure accurate information, consult the applicable policy or collective bargaining agreement.

General Considerations:

  • Salary-setting policies and procedures vary by employee group. When transferring from one bargaining unit to another, the collective bargaining provisions for the new bargaining unit prevails.
  • Budgetary policies may differ. Ensure funding approval before making a salary offer.
  • Consider how your offer affects internal equity.
  • Relevant factors for determining an appropriate salary generally include the person’s qualifications, the salary being paid to those with similar qualifications and responsibilities, the range placement, and the market rate for the position.
  • Consider the length of time before the employee is eligible for a salary increase.
  • Employees changing from limited to career status are evaluated as if they are new-hires.
  • Salaries requiring approval of the assistant vice chancellor – Human Resources should be routed via the compensation manager.


For more information, contact the Compensation Unit at (858) 534-0986.
Notice: The information on this page summarizes provisions of university policies and/or collective bargaining agreements. Refer to the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) and local implementing procedures or applicable collective bargaining agreement for full text of referenced information.