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Desk Phone Costs

Find the monthly costs for phone services.

Ask the person in charge of phone service in your department to check on the type of phone service you have (checking requires either a Darwin or mainframe user ID and password). Then find your phone service on the list below to see your monthly costs per voice service.

*Note that asterisks below indicate services that have been incorporated into the NGN Communication User Access fee.

Code Monthly service Monthly charge
Voice lines
LCA Analog line $0*
LCO Analog OPX (Requires additional variable PacBell mileage charge) $0*
LCD Digital line $0*
ITE Intercom telephone extension $0*
SWLO Software line only $0*
AUTO Automated attendant port $35.25
ACD Automatic Call Distribution/ MiContactCenter (MiCC) $26.61
SoftPhone MiCollab $4.75
Telephone instruments
ANLATT Analog single-line phone $1.30
ANLD Analog single-line desk phone $1.30
ANLW Analog single-line wall phone $1.30
DBA103 Analog single-line desk phone $1.30
DBA180 Digital single-line 8-button phone $2.60
DBC601 Digital single-line phone $2.60
DBC 223
Digital multi-line phone $2.60
DBA706 Digital multi-line 12-button phone $3.83   (reduced from $4.15)
DBC561 Digital multi-line 500-series phone $3.83   (reduced from $4.15)
DBC661 Digital multi-line 600 series phone $3.83   (reduced from $4.15)
DBC203/213 Digital multi-line 200 series $3.83   (reduced from $4.15)
DBA707 Digital 36 button $5.30   (reduced from $7.50)
DBC562 Digital multi-line 500 series $5.30   (reduced from $7.50)
DBC662 Digital multi-line 600 series $5.30   (reduced from $7.50)
Digital multi-line 200 series $5.30   (reduced from $7.50)
DBC6867i VoIP phone $4.04   (reduced from $6.00)
Bridged extensions
EXA Analog extension $0*
EXO Analog OPX extension $0*
EXA1 Analog extension (no instrument) $0*
EXO1 Analog OPX extension (no instrument) $0*
Software feature packages
FP1 Auto callback call-forwarding trunk Q/CL $0*
FP2 Individual abbreviated dialing (10 programmable numbers) $0*
FP3 External call-forwarding $0*
FP5 Voice/ data integration (requires LIB and DIA) $0*
Voice mail


Rate was eliminated. (Previous VM2 clients were upgraded to VM4.)
VM4 This service is no longer available. (Previous VM4 clients were upgraded to VM6.)
VM6 Enhanced service: 8 minutes for message receipt and storage



VM Line Only

VM Alt: Alternate user or multiple extensions which share a single voicemail box

VM Line Only: Stand alone voicemail box

For more information, contact the IT Services Customer Support Service Team at (858) 534-4277. For troubleshooting, contact the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357 or ext. 6-HELP.