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Google Workspace Transition

Google Workspace for Education is shifting to a model where unlimited storage is no longer available.


Google Workspace GraphicFree enterprise versions of Google's collaboration and communication tools have long been in use by schools and universities and have been broadly available to UC San Diego faculty, researchers, students, and staff since 2014. These tools include:

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides among others.

In February 2021, Google announced G Suite for Education would be renamed to Google Workspace for Education. The most significant impact of these changes are:

  • Unlimited storage will no longer be available in Google Workspace.
  • Between now and June 2024, UC San Diego will migrate to a managed storage model in which faculty, researchers, students, and staff will have limits on the space available across their Google Workspace services.

Campus Response

Because of the extensive use of Google Workspace, UC San Diego signed a favorable, seven-year, UC negotiated agreement for the top-tier Google Workspace for Education Plus edition. This will include many new and enhanced features, and ensure the continued availability of Google's collaboration and communication tools as a campus-wide enterprise service.

The migration to a managed storage model will have minimal effect on the vast majority of UC San Diego faculty, students, and staff. However, a small number of people storing large volumes of data will be impacted by the new space limits. Outreach efforts have begun to determine the best path forward for each individual case.

Transition Support

Our objective is to provide a well-informed and supported campus community during this transition, which is set for completion in the latter half of 2024.

ITS is dedicated to ensuring seamless and efficient utilization of Google Workspace now and moving forward, across a diverse range of collaboration and communication situations. The project team's priorities encompass:

  • Keeping the campus community updated on the impacts and timelines of the changes coming to Google Workspace.
  • Collaborating with the campus community to establish storage quota policies, procedures, and proper usage guidelines for Google Workspace.
  • Coordinating with campus partners who maintain a UC San Diego branded Google Workspace sub-domain, and integrating these into the main campus domain as needed.
  • Phasing out inactive accounts, including those not affiliated with UC San Diego anymore, and optimizing storage for active accounts.
  • Identifying accounts with significant storage usage, evaluating this usage, and devising suitable mitigation or migration solutions.
  • Formulating and executing a comprehensive storage management strategy in line with Google Workspace's collaborative capabilities, particularly for Shared Drives.

Storage Quotas & Next Steps

Visit one of the following pages to get information about storage quotas and other FAQ's. 

Need help? Contact your departmental technical support or the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357 or ext. 6-HELP.