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Google Workspace Transition for Faculty & Staff

In February 2021, Google announced the renaming of G Suite for Education to Google Workspace for Education. The most notable change affecting UC San Diego faculty and staff is unlimited storage will no longer be offered in Google Workspace.

Faculty & Staff Storage Quotas

UC San Diego is shifting towards a managed storage model. The initial step involves implementing storage quotas on accounts. The project team conducted a comprehensive evaluation of Google storage usage across campus. Based on the diverse utilization patterns by individuals and departments, the team collaborated with stakeholders to arrive at storage quotas that optimize flexibility and allocate resources effectively.

The primary objectives of the quotas are:

  • Ensure economical use of storage resources
  • Affect as few faculty, students, and staff as possible
  • Foster fairness and equity in resource allocation
  • Allow for adequate storage to accommodate future campus growth

Quotas were implemented for all existing faculty and staff accounts on June 6, 2023. These quotas have been designed based on current usage patterns to minimize any disruption.

Current Usage Storage Quota
0GB - 0.8GB 2 GB
0.9GB - 100GB 100GB

Based on the current usage analysis, a minimal percentage of users (0.8%) with substantial data volumes will be impacted. Outreach efforts are underway with these account holders. Divisional IT and IT Services are working together to determine the most suitable solution for each situation, which could involve removing non-essential data or relocating it to alternate storage services.

Next Steps

  1. Use the Google Storage Manager to view your current storage.
  2. Scan for and delete large or duplicate files you may no longer need.
If you have questions or want guidance, we are here to help. Contact the Service Desk and we will assist.

Shared Drives

IT Services and divisional IT groups are developing a system for managing the Google Shared Drive environment. As these plans are finalized, announcements and plans for any needed remediation will be shared with the campus and available on this page.

Need help? Contact your departmental technical support or the ITS Service Desk, (858) 246-4357 or ext. 6-HELP.