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Jacobs School of Engineering Google ( Transition

Find out more about Jacobs School of Engineering's transition from to Google accounts.

UPDATE 2024: Google account closures

All Google accounts are scheduled to close on February 29, 2024.

OEC (Office of Engineering Computing) will be sending out targeted emails to each affected user, to ensure that users have extracted any data they need to retain, before the account closes. 

All notifications to Project users will come from

What is happening?

Due to Google licensing changes, Jacobs School of Engineering is working towards evacuating the Google domain, and switching to using Google accounts, located in the primary campus Google domain

Project notifications will come from, to all Project users (users involved in each Project wave)

NOTE: Alumni and Grad student accounts will have a different transition path, and will be contacted directly as those transitions are finalized.

When did this happening?

OEC (Office of Engineering Computing) worked with Jacobs School of Engineering Departments on departmental-level Project waves throughout 2023.

Project Wave Timelines:

What did users experience on the morning of their email transition (in 2023)?

  • Project users should open a new Google Chrome Profile, and sign in using - this will redirect them to campus SSO to authenticate
  • Project users’ Google account will be renamed to
  • All new email sent to,, and other vanity email domains managed by OEC will be delivered to the Project user’s new Google mailbox
  • Mail can be accessed via, or any Google URL that points to Gmail, such as,
  • Phones and Email clients will need to be configured to connect to the new account

How can Project users get help?

OEC is here to help! Here are several ways that you can find us:

  • Send us an email!
    • You can always contact us by sending email to
  • ENG2UCSD Transition website
    • This webpage contains information about the ways you may be using your Google account, and how to transition those ways over to your new Google account