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Tools, Platforms and Services

Get access to use campus websites, HTML email blast program, video hosting service and more.

Content Management System (CMS) For Websites and Blink

Use the CMS to update free-standing UC San Diego websites as well as Blink content. Take note of these quick links:

Campus Mobile Apps

Learn more about the UC San Diego mobile app and how you can submit a native app to the app stores.


Microsoft SharePoint has a come a long way! Updated features allow it to mimic the look, feel and functionality of a standard website. SharePoint is a good option if you need information password protected, which is not currently available for Blink. Learn more about SharePoint

Mediaspace Video Hosting

You are no longer held hostage to the whims and fancy of YouTube, Vimeo and other commercial video-hosting platforms! UC San Diego’s MediaSpace allows you to host, edit and publize videos. They can be embedded into our CMS sites the exact same way as YouTube videos. Learn more

MyEmma Email Blast Program

Don’t be a chump and pay for the Chimp! We have an enterprise license for Emma that comes with pre-built templates or the option to start from scratch. Emma performs all the same e-mail blast functions as Mailchimp, Constant Contact and other services. To get set up, email a request to

University Communications Services and Resources

University Communications (UC) is a division in the Chancellor’s Office that provides a full range of services, from strategic communications and government relations to design, video and event management. Browse UC services!