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Marketing Council Overview

UC San Diego Marketing Council's purpose, mission, meeting structure, governing board, committee position descriptions, and the board election process.

The UC San Diego Marketing Council is a network of marketing and communications professionals, or brand ambassadors, from organizations, divisions and departments throughout the university. Membership is open to all staff involved in communications and/or marketing activities on behalf of UC San Diego.

Mission and Membership

(Revised May 2023)

As the UC San Diego Marketing Council, we’re an inclusive community representing those who work in marketing and communications roles, as well as anyone interested in those topics. 

Our work is focused on four pillars of equal weight and importance:

Brand Stewardship. We serve as ambassadors of the UC San Diego brand, striving to uphold standards and best practices and ensure consistency. 

Networking and Professional Development. We bring our community together to forge connections, relationships, and growth. 

Information Sharing and Collaboration. We leverage our community skills and channels to support campaigns, amplify messages and provide advice and guidance. 

Education and Resource Sharing. We maintain links to tools and resources and facilitate educational programming. 

Our members provide a diverse array of skills and functions in their positions - everything from communications planning and execution, marketing and advertising, writing, public and media relations, visual storytelling, web and graphic design, videography, social media, and much, much more. We recognize that while some of our members are specialists in one discipline, most members “wear multiple hats” in their roles and do a little of everything to support their units.      

We represent the entirety of the UC San Diego marketing and communications community, and work with University Communications to advocate for our needs and ensure timely sharing of information and updates. 



The Marketing Council is overseen by the Marketing Council Board, which consists of one elected Chair, three elected Committee Chairs and various committee members, all of which are volunteer positions. All elected positions serve a one-year term from August 1 through July 31 with July being a leadership transition month.

In addition, the Marketing Council Executive Director is an official representative of and board liaison to University Communications and Public Affairs, and serves as an “ex officio” member of the Marketing Council Board. As titles and positions may change over time, this document serves as a guide for current functions necessary to the organization and may be altered in the future.


The Marketing Council typically meets on campus the last Wednesday of the month, with no scheduled meetings during July, August and December, for a total of approximately 7-9 meetings per academic year. The Council Chair and Committee Chairs are expected to attend all meetings.

Member Contributions

All members of the Marketing Council are encouraged to contribute their ideas and share information that may be helpful to their colleagues. Some of the ways members can contribute are by:

  • Leading a discussion on best practices
  • Developing a marketing presentation to share with colleagues
  • Recruiting new members

Additional ideas and input are always welcome.

Board Positions

Council Chair

The Council Chair guides the activities of the Marketing Council by listening to the members and to UC San Diego leadership in order to effectively address and manage relevant marketing and communications needs. This position may require attendance at other university meetings that pertain to marketing, communications and/or events.

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs are elected to provide leadership within specific functional categories to meet the needs of the university and the membership. These committee chair categories include: Communications, Operations, and Programs and Special Events.

It is the responsibility of the Committee Chairs to manage the respective tasks within their area of responsibility, which may include recruiting and overseeing committee volunteers to fulfill certain functions as needed.

Committee Volunteers

Committee Volunteers execute specific functions within the committees they serve on. As the Marketing Council is an active, participatory group, members are encouraged to become directly involved by becoming Volunteers or Committee Chairs.

Executive Director

The Executive Director serves as an advisor to the Chair of the UC San Diego Marketing Council and Council liaison to University Communications and Public Affairs (UCPA). This person also contributes to the strategic planning of the Marketing Council and communicates UCPA initiatives to the Marketing Council board and membership base. The Executive Director of Marketing, Media Relations and Public Affairs in UCPA designates the Marketing Council Executive Director.

Council Chair Duties

  • Responsible for identifying the goals of the Marketing Council for the coming year at the August meeting and conducting a wrap-up of the past year’s activities at the June meeting.
  • Works closely with the Committee Chairs to set meeting agendas and prioritizes those agendas according to the organization’s goals.
  • Plans meeting dates for the year and develop a projected budget.
  • Works with Programs and Special Events Chair to identify guest speakers and/or resources to fulfill meeting agendas.
  • Works with Operations Chair with regards to member recruitment.
  • Leads all Marketing Council meetings.
  • Serves as the primary campus representative for the Marketing Council.

Communications Chair Duties

The Communications Chair is responsible for communicating the Marketing Council’s efforts. This position provides status reports to the Chair and members, and also leads the efforts of any volunteers needed to complete the assigned responsibilities. Areas of responsibility include:

Web Coordination

  • Works with the Blink team/web volunteer to manage and enhance the content of the Marketing Council’s web presence. This includes building up resources for members and ensuring pertinent information such as meeting dates, member rosters, etc. are all current.


  • Disseminates communications on behalf of the council to students, faculty, staff and/or alumni as needed. Develops or utilizes appropriate channels to reach these targets.
  • Manages recruitment of new members across the campus community, striving for strong representation across departments and functional units. This function is shared with the Chair.

Social Media

  • Maintains Marketing Council Facebook account with pertinent information such as meeting dates and events, as appropriate.

Operations Chair Duties

The Operations Chair is responsible for managing the organization, processes and practices of the Marketing Council’s efforts. This position ensures that meeting locations/logistics are set and that members’ needs are being met. This position provides status reports to the Chair and members, and also leads the efforts of any volunteers needed to complete the assigned responsibilities. Areas of responsibility include:


  • Collects agenda items and prepare the agenda at least two weeks in advance of the meeting; brings printed agenda copies to each meeting.
  • Prepares the member sign-in sheet for meetings and updates the appropriate member rosters.
  • Records meeting minutes; distributes to members within one week of the meeting.
  • Sends internal communications to Marketing Council members, including meeting reminders, announcements, surveys, and/or other informational news as required. This function is often shared with the Chair.
  • Administers the council listserv along with the Chair.

Meeting Coordination

  • Manages monthly meeting room reservations and catering reservations. Reservations for the coming year should be booked by August. Other services are booked month-to-month as needed.
  • Consults with the Chair to order any needed equipment (A/V, etc.) for meetings and handle offsite meeting coordination or special needs for guest speakers.

Programs and Special Events Chair Duties

The Programs and Special Events Chair is responsible, along with the Council Chair, for identifying and developing topics of interest to members for Marketing Council meetings. This position is encouraged to recruit multiple volunteers for the committee in order to ensure a rich array of topics and guest speakers.


Meeting Topic Development

  • Works with the Council Chair and volunteers to identify topics of interest to council members for upcoming meetings and secure speakers.
  • Develops a calendar of topics for at least five upcoming meetings. The calendar can be flexible if a topic should need to be switched out.

Special Events

  • Budget permitting, investigates opportunities for participation in various university and outside events, i.e., UC San Diego Sharecase, webinar/teleseminar opportunities, sharing resources/web conferencing with colleagues at sister UCs.

Election of Officers

There are four elected Marketing Council positions as outlined above. They are:

  • Marketing Council Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Operations Chair
  • Programs and Special Events Chair

Any individual interested in holding one of the four elected positions should submit his or her name and desired position via email to the current Council Chair by the date specified by the Chair. The Chair will then email the proposed slate out to the membership for approval.

In the event more than one name is submitted for a position, a vote will be put forth to membership via email by the Council Chair and members will have two weeks to vote on the candidates. Winners will be notified by the Council Chair and the new leadership will be announced to the membership via email and at the June meeting.