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SharePoint Online

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Learn about Microsoft SharePoint, a collaborative workspace that is part of Office 365 Education.

About Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint provides a collaboration workspace that integrates with your other Office 365 apps and services. SharePoint is included in Office 365 Education for UC San Diego faculty and staff. Learn More.


  • SharePoint is enabled for all faculty and staff. 
    • For Health Sciences faculty and staff, please contact Health Sciences IT department.
  • SharePoint has the same Acceptable Use Guidelines as the other parts of Office 365.  Please review the One Drive Acceptable Use Guidelines; to understand the policies and security of online document storage

Before committing to SharePoint consider these items

  • Will the SharePoint site be used for file sharing only? 
    • If you’re only sharing files within your unit then OneDrive or G-Drive are better alternatives and require less administrative work. 
    • If only a small team will collaborate with documents and with each other, consider using MS Teams. 
  • Will the SharePoint site be a public facing website (CMS) similar to Blink? 
    • Unfortunately Microsoft has restricted external Sharepoint sharing/anonymous access to a minimum (i.e. only documents, and documents in folders) unless the user logs in to the site.  Consider contacting the CMS team to create a CMS site. 
  • Is your site for collaboration with external users (vendors) and/or a UC wide audience? 
    • You likely have a team or project site. Fill out the form to request a site collection. 
  • Does a SharePoint Site Collection exist where your site can be added?  Example: You work for Business and Financial Services (BFS) and need a new site for your BFS unit. 
    • Contact the SharePoint administrator for the site collection and ask to have your site added. 
    • If the SharePoint administrator does not think that your site fit the existing site collection, fill out the form to request a new site collection. 
  • Do you belong to a Unit within a Department that does not have a Sharepoint presence? 
    • If so, does your department want a SharePoint presence? 
    • If the answer is Yes:  Fill out the form to request a site collection for your Department.  Your site will be a sub-site/satellite site under it. 
    • If the answer is No:  The recommendation is that you use OneDrive, G-Drive or MS Teams to collaborate and share information. 


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