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Closed Projects with GL Balance

PPM allows for projects to be closed regardless of the balance of any chart string on the GL. This report displays projects that have been closed in PPM but still have a balance on one or more general ledger accounts.

The Closed Projects with GL Balance report is available from the Business Analytics Hub ( under the Exceptions and Reconciliation tab.


Access has been provisioned to anyone with the Oracle BI Consumer JR role. Staff who do not have access should request the Oracle role. Access failure appears as error "Unable to load requested view. Displaying home view instead."

  1. Navigate to 
  2. Select Budget & Finance
  3. If using the List View, look for Closed Projects with GL Balance in the list or use the search bar at the top right and click the dashboard name  
  4. If using the Card View, click the Exceptions and Reconciliation tab and click Launch on the Closed Projects with GL Balance tile 
  5. Use your Active Directory credentials to sign in, if prompted.


  • Use these parameters to filter for the data you want to view
  • These filters can be used in combination or individually to produce desired results

closed projects with gl balance prompt

Closed Projects with GL Balance

Business Scenarios

  • PPM Closed Projects with GL Balances report includes balance sheet accounts (liabilities, accounts receivable, etc.). These accounts are not included on the GL Project Balances report. 
  • Normally balance sheet accounts are cleared through the natural course of business. However, if they are not, it is important for departments to address them as they are responsible for all financial activity on their FinU. For example, if there is a balance on an accounts receivable account, that generally means that a customer has not paid one of the invoices for this project. It is important to follow up and make sure the payment is made.

Report Views

  • Results display in a default table with the ability to export the result set into a file


What To Do

Assets (1XXXXX)
Liabilities (2XXXXX)
Refer to the journal source on the transactions causing a balance.
Net Position and Changes in Net Position (300000 and higher)
Transfer resources or expenses to bring the balance to zero. If balances of accounts starting with 3 and higher net to zero, these can be disregarded. They will come off the report at the start of the next fiscal year.

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