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NSF REU Payment Process

Read about UCSD procedures for National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (REU) Program.

Undergraduate Scholarship Payment Request

What are REU's

NSF REU's are intended to provide educational opportunities for undergraduate students.

REU Stipends are not intended to reimburse students for services rendered, it is intended for training and experience in research.

What are stipends

C&G Manual 7-219 (PDF) states "Payments to registered students unrelated to services rendered constitute stipends".

Additionally, C&G Manual 8-515 states: "For purposes of indirect cost base calculation, scholarships and fellowships which are exempt from the indirect cost rate calculation base are defined as financial aid paid to University students or postdoctoral scholars as stipends or dependent allowances. This indirect cost base exemption of scholarship and fellowships applies only to those which pay stipends or dependent allowance."

Stipends are not salaries.

How to budget and manage

Prior to 2012:

NSF 12-569 the IDC was 25% on the stipend portion, and 0% on the other REU costs

With the new solicitation effective 2012, IDC application has changed. All Participant Support costs are subject to 0% IDC.

How to pay students

Although NSF states that REU stipends can be paid out as scholarship or wages, UCSD procedures are as follows:

For UCSD undergraduate students, stipends must be paid out through the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office - Student Aid Management system (SAM).

Financial Aid Scholarship Payments

Financial Aid and Scholarships Office must process all undergraduate scholarships – for all UCSD enrolled students. It does not matter if a student has financial need or not.

Submission of an Aid ID Form is required for all requests - this will link the fund payment to the UCSD student account. The federal grant expenditure type used must be is 510003 - Undergrad NSF REU Stipend which will ensure appropriate IDC calculations.

 Undergraduate Scholarship Payment Request

For questions you may contact the Scholarships Team at

Financial Aid Disbursement

The scholarships team will confirm receipt of your submission only after initial review is complete. For complete submissions received please allow 5-10 business days for the set up and processing before the award will post onto the UCSD student account on campus.

REU payments are part of a student's estimated financial assistance as defined by the Uniform Guidance, or 2 CFR 200. For questions related to how REU payments affect financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

Non-UCSD student stipends are issued by submitted My Payments Request.

Disbursements will pay a scholarship for:

  • Non-enrolled student
  • Recent senior graduate
  • Travel scholarships
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