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Managing Sponsored Project Funds: Billing/ Payment Methods

Read about the billing and payment methods for sponsored project awards.

Billing and payment processes

The Office of Post Award Financial Services (OPAFS) is responsible for managing billing and payment processes for sponsored projects. The only exceptions are clinical trials, which are managed by the Dean's Office of the School of Medicine.

If you manage sponsored project funds for your department, you should monitor this activity and communicate with OPAFS regarding the status of your award payments. Read the information below for background information on how OPAFS handles billing and payment.


OPAFS will set up the initial index and fund and send them to you, along with billing and payment information.

Payment basis

Agencies specify the award type, which falls into one of two categories:

  • Fixed price: Regardless of project cost, the University is entitled to be paid the full award amount after it meets all award terms. It is not required to account for costs or refund an unexpended balance.
  • Cost reimbursable: The University is entitled to collect only an amount that is equal to allowable expenditures and not more than the award amount.

Billing/ payment methods

Billing and payment schedules, as well as billing processes, vary. They are based on one of the following:

  • Monthly or quarterly invoicing for cost reimbursement: Invoices and payments are recorded in ISIS (Integrated Student Information Systems).
  • Monthly or quarterly billing of anticipated expenses: Invoices and payments are recorded in ISIS.
  • Billing per completion of specific tasks, milestones, or deliverables: Invoices and payments are recorded in ISIS.
  • Billing for periodic payments as specified in the award documents: Invoices and payments are recorded in ISIS.
  • Letter of credit billing or electronic request through OPAFS' automated cash management systems: Expenditures billed and payments received are recorded in various general ledger accounts.
  • Intercampus billing monthly or quarterly as specified by the prime campus: Invoices are not recorded in any accounts receivable system. Payments are received via financial journals and recorded on the operating ledger in the appropriate transfer account (7208xx).
  • Automatic payment by check or wire transfer according to a predetermined payment rate and schedule specified in the award document: UCSD does not generate an invoice. Payment is recorded in the fund revenue account (5xxxxx).
  • Payment by check or wire transfer based on completion of patient services as specified in the award document and recorded by the department: Payment is recorded in the appropriate revenue account (5xxxxx) for the fund.