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Managing Sponsored Project Funds: How to View Award Documents

Find out how to view award documents scanned and stored by Sponsored Projects Finance.

Award Documents in Oracle PPM Awards Space

As of August 1, 2023, new award documents are accessible through the OFC PPM Manage Award space. 

The Award Document Lookup Tool will continue to be available for viewing past award documents. For more information about Document Lookup, please review the next section below


If you do not have access to the OFC PPM Manage Award space, please submit a ticket via Services and Support and request the role called UCSD PPM Grants Inquiry JR.


  • Username: UCSD AD Account
  • Password: UCSD AD


  1. Navigate to Projects and Awards
  2. Go to Manage Awards
  3. Search by Project # or Award ID
  4. Click on the award number
  5. Go to 1:Details train stop
  6. Click the General tab > see Attachments section
  7. Click the File Name or URL link to view the document

Attachment Categories

  • Award: Any documents associated with the official award record including
    • Department Notification: Email to department with new award set-up
  • Amendment: Documents pertaining to official dollar, date or terms and condition changes as agreed upon by the sponsor
  • Billing: Any billing notes or manual billing recorded outside SPARCM.
  •  Correspondence: Any correspondence that the SPF Award Accountant saves related to the award
  •  Cost Share documents
  • Financial Reporting: Any financial reporting notes, reconciliation or manual report recorded outside SPARCM.
  • Multi-Campus Agreements
  • Proposal - final proposal documents as sent to SPF by Sponsored Projects Offices
  • Subaward – related subaward documentation
  • Other – Any other pertinent documentation

Document lookup

Award documents stored in the Document Lookup are documents received by SPF through July 30, 2023. New documents can be accessed in the Oracle PPM Awards Space.

The SPF award document lookup allows you to view award documents that SPF keeps in the BFS imaging system, iDocs. iDocs stores documents and images. A single document may contain multiple images. SPF organizes the documents into primary and secondary categories. 

Documents are sorted by the date that they were entered into iDocs by SPF. However, you can re-sort the columns as desired. 


With access, you will be able to view any documents SPF has scanned related to any executed award within your department(s). You cannot add or edit documents.

To get access, ask your sponsored projects manager, MSO, or DBO to submit a request through Services & Support. They must include:

  • Your name
  • Your Business Systems userid
  • Department name(s) and department code(s) for any additional departments you need access to in addition to your home department

If you change departments, your new MSO will need to reauthorize you.

To access the tool, please go to

Category definitions

  • Award: Any documents associated with the official award record including:
    • NOA: Notice of Award (the initial award document)
    • Advanced Approval: Advanced Spending Document
    • RES form
    • Proposal: The final proposal
    • Amendments/Modifications
    • Cost Share Docs
    • Department Notification: Email to department with new IFOPAL
    • Progress Reports
    • Journals
    • COEUS RKS: older record of the IFOPAL creation.  NO longer used
    • Other: Any
    • Cost Transfer Documents: Emails regarding cost transfer approval/rejections
  • Intercampus: Invoices, MCA’s and supporting document related to intercampus subcontracts
    • UCSD is Prime: Documents related to the outgoing intercampus subcontracts
    • UCSD is Subprime: Documents related to the incoming intercampus subcontracts
  • Correspondence: Any correspondence that the SPF Award Accountant saves related to the award
  • Billing: Invoices that UCSD Submitted and copies of payments that were process through SPF
    • Please note that in October 2013, SPF launched a new invoicing system (SPARCM) and those invoices are not viewable through this system.These invoices are viewable through SPARCM.
  • Financial Reporting: Financial reports submitted to the agency
    • Interim financial reports; quarterly, annual
    • Final Financial Reports: Final report including the FER
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