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Managing Sponsored Project Funds: No-Cost Extension Requests

Find out how to request a no-cost extension for a sponsored project award.

Extending a project's end date

If a project's end date is approaching but the principal investigator (PI) has not yet spent all of the money awarded, a no-cost extension allows the end date to be extended. A no-cost extension request is an amendment to the award agreement and must be formally submitted to the agency for official approval, and then reported to UCSD contracting offices.

Note: In general, awards issued under Expanded Authorities and Federal Demonstration Partnership are allowed a one time no-cost extension of up to 12 months. Check award terms and conditions.

General guidelines

  • Review agency policy on no-cost extension request deadlines.
  • Review expenditure balances per the budget.
  • Review your expense projections.
  • Plan expenses for the extension period.
  • Prepare a letter to the agency's project administrator. Include:
    • Changes in budgeted funding for specific expense categories
    • Amount to be spent in each category during the extension period
    • Justification for request (i.e., why funding was not spent before original end date or how the extension will benefit the project)
  • Have the PI sign the letter and keep a copy for your files.
  • Send the letters and copies as necessary:
    • If your award was processed by the Office of Contract and Grant Administration (OCGA), forward the original letter to OCGA for transmittal to the agency.
    • If your award was not processed by OCGA, send the original letter to the agency and a copy to Sponsored Projects Finance (SPF).
  • When you receive official approval from the agency, send OCGA or SPF a copy of the approval.
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