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Student Employment Quarterly Updates

Please review this page on a quarterly-basis for Student Employment Updates

Fall 2022 Updates

Work-Study: The Financial Aid Office has awarded two types of Work-study and departments may verify the Work-study type using the Work-Study Award Table in UCPath. The correct Position Pool ID must be used in order for the work-study award to be used. Please review “How to Create and Manage Work-Study Jobs” in the UCPath Job Aids.


Federal Work-Study:              Position Pool ID “F

University Work-Study:          Position Pool ID “U


Fall Quarter End Dates: The last day a student may work is January 3, 2023 if they will not be a registered student Winter 2023.  If a student has work-study (and will not be registered Winter Quarter) the last day you may use work-study is Saturday, December 17, 2022.  Please communicate to the supervisors regarding their student’s last day of work.  


New Listings in Handshake: If you submit new jobs for students to view and apply to during the campus closure, please be sure to add the “new minimum rate effective 12/25/2022” on the job listing.  If your position was originally at the minimum of their title code and you want to recruit at a rate ABOVE the new minimum, you must submit a “position equity request”, and have received an approval from SEO before changing the rate in Handshake – contact the Student Employment Office if you have questions

Summer 2022 Updates

Students who are “REGISTERED” for Spring 2022 may now be hired or extended through 9/18/2022. Please do not extend employment beyond this date as Fall 2022 registration status is not available at this time.  

Before extending employment:

  • Check the registration status before updating UCPath.  You can do this by running a “Student Employee Registration Report” at or by reviewing ISIS Enrollment Inquiry. 
  • Note: if a student withdrew Spring 2022 and received less than 100% UCSD student services fees refund, they may work during the summer. A student who received 100% UCSD student services fees refund may not work during the summer. If a student is showing “WITHDREW” Spring 2022 in ISIS, please contact your department Student Employment Liaison to verify the percentage of the refund.


Extending vs Short Work Break (SWB)

  • Departments can determine if they want to extend employment or place students on SWB.  SEO recommends extending students through the summer if it will not affect leave accruals while being employed in multiple jobs.
  • If a student accepts a job and it will take them over 100% during summer (and the student will not be working in your department during the summer) then you may need to put your job on SWB.
  • Review the job end date to ensure students who need to be extended, are updated prior to the day before the “Job End Date” to avoid terminations in error, and the need for a reinstatement transaction.


Tips for Preparing for Summer:  this is a great time to contact Supervisors and ask:

  1. which students will be ending employment (due to graduation or resignation)?
  2. which students will be working during the summer?
  3. which students will not be working during the summer, but will return to work Fall 2022?


This information will assist you in knowing what you need to do to proceed.  Tip: do not extend all students in the department without knowing if they will continue employment.


Fall 2022 new and readmit students:  New admits and readmit students for Fall 2022 can work at UC San Diego effective 6/13/2022 or after.  These students will have access to Handshake and can apply for positions that are posted on or after 6/13/2022.  New and readmits may not be hired on job listings posted prior to 6/13/2022. Contact your SEO Liaison if you have questions.
*readmits = students who were not registered 2 or more quarters at UC San Diego.


Other UC Students: the Policy is still the same for UC San Diego, it hasn’t changed since we moved into UCPath.  Other UC Students may work during the summer months only (when Spring quarter ends and before the fall quarter begins) remotely or onsite.  The exceptions are UC Berkeley and Merced, these campuses are on the semester system and therefore students may work May 16, 2022 – August 16, 2022.  “Other UC students” may only be hired by Exception to Hire requests and not via an open recruitment; these students do not have Handshake access. Departments must submit proof of Spring registration with the EXC to hire request.


Handshake: All jobs for the 2021-2022 fiscal year will close 6/30/2022. 

  • When posting a new position please keep this date in mind.  If you post a new open recruitment the last week of June, you may want to consider making the Posting Date (date visible to students) 7/1/2022 to avoid having to duplicate it for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. 
  • Do not Reset jobs.  If your recruitment closes, you may not change the expiration date to a future date.  You must “Duplicate” the job listing to open a new recruitment.  Handshake sends a notification 3 days prior to the current posting expiration/closure date; if you need to extend the posting you must do so prior to the expiration date and keep track of your open recruitments. 
  • If you extend a Job Listing there will not be a second reminder notification from Handshake alerting that your position will expire soon.  SEO recommends you add your own calendar reminder.
  • There is no “Open Until Filled” feature in Handshake; all of the job postings in Handshake have an expiration date. If you need a posting to be active/open in Handshake until it is filled, as the Job Entry Preparer, you need to manages the job’s expiration date by extending the job posting in Handshake before the expiration date and then close/expire it after the position is filled.


Summer reminders:

  • “Student Services Fees Statement”- summer positions – for positions where students will be working during the summer, please use the following statement: Must pay UCSD student services fees (must have paid Spring 2022 UCSD student services fees or be a Fall 2022 New or Readmit to work during the summer).


  • “22-23 Work-Study Required” position posted during the summer – If you post a position that will require usage of work-study funds beginning Fall 2022, you must add this statement to qualifications:  Extension of employment through academic year 2022-23 is contingent upon you having a 2022-23 work-study award with available funds to use and providing verification of the award. You will be paid 100% on department funds during the summer.

Spring 2022 Updates

Winter quarter ENDS Saturday, March 19, 2022; students who are graduating in winter may only work through Tuesday, March 22, 2022. It’s recommended to email your student employees to inquire if any are planning to graduate winter 2022 (or not be a registered student spring) so you can advise the supervisor and update the Job End Date in UCPath or complete Terminations accordingly.


Spring quarter BEGINS Wednesday, March 23, 2022; please utilize the “Student Employee Registration Report” at  To utilize this report you will need to request access (if you haven’t done so already). The SEO has provided helpful tips and instructions for downloading this report on our “Employing Students” page Blink. Try running the report as early as 3/10 (remember, SEO has no definite date when Registrars’ Office sends this information to UCPath) until you see the information updated for Spring 2022; run again in the 3rd week and the 5th week to see if any of your students have withdrawn. Once you see that students are not registered please take care of it immediately; don’t wait for SEO to contact you to advise the student that they must stop working.

  •  NOTE: if you manage student employment for your department, you should have ISIS-Inquiry access. It is mandatory that there is someone in the department that manages posting jobs/exceptions and updating UCPath to have it and look up students as needed. Advise your supervisor and/or DSA if you don’t have access that you “need” it. You should be using the report in combination with ISIS especially to review students returned on the report as “Null/Not Registered”. Please obtain this access if you don’t already have it. If they have questions or concerns about the request please have them contact me.

Pay increases: As a reminder, any pay increases to a Job Posting or equity increase of students must be approved by the Student Employment Office, prior to being entered into UCPath. Please contact your SEO Liaison for any questions.

Handshake Tips/Reminders – If you are creating new open recruitments to be posted for this fiscal year, please be sure you are not using a date beyond 6/30/2022. Do not RESET jobs. As a reminder, if your recruitment closes, you may not change the expiration date to a future date, you must “Duplicate” the job listing to open a new recruitment. Handshake sends you a notification 3 days prior to the position closing. If the hiring manager hasn’t replied to your request to let it “expire” or “extend” it, extend it for a week until you hear from them.

Job Descriptions: We’re asking Preparers to review the job description and to ensure that it’s thorough, and duties and expectations are clear. All positions must include minimum qualifications to perform said duties. When minimal information is provided, the SEO will contact you and ask that a more detailed description be updated. This is necessary so we can best classify your position and ensure compensation is correct. 

  • New Notices:
    • Job offer is contingent on successful engagement in the UC COVID-19 Vaccination program (fully vaccinated with documented proof or approved exception/deferral). For the safety and well-being of the entire university community, the University of California requires, with few exceptions, that all students, faculty and staff be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus before they will be allowed on campus or in a facility or office. More information is available at: UC issues final COVID-19 vaccination policy | UCnet.

    • DCP Safe Harbor will be deducted if an undergraduate student employee is enrolled under 6 units per quarter or if a graduate student employee is enrolled under 12 units. DCP Safe Harbor will be deducted during the summer months if the student employee is enrolled under 6 units per quarter or if a graduate student employee is enrolled under 12 units.

WE NEED YOUR HELP – SEO is still asking departments to notify students when jobs have been filled. As reminder please send an email to all students who applied to an open recruitment who were not selected for the job.  It’s as easy as 2-clicks

  1. Click “All Students (uncheck the student who was hired); scroll to the top
  2. Click “Message Students”. In the subject, add Job ID# and Title; thank the student for their interest; advise them the position is filled; wish them the best with their future job search. 
  • Students are contacting SEO inquiring on the status of your positions, so please be proactive in notifying students when positions have been filled.

Multi-Location Agreements- With students’ ability to work remotely, SEO has begun receiving requests from other UCs to employ UCSD students during the Academic Year. Multi-locations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and SEO will need to review and sign-off on all student employee Multi-Location Agreements.

Other UC Students – the Policy is still the same for UC San Diego and hasn’t changed since we have moved into UCPath. Other UC Students may work during the summer months only (when Spring quarter ends and before the fall quarter begins) remotely or onsite, with the exception of UC Berkeley and Merced; these campuses are the semester system therefore they may work May 16, 2022 – August 16, 2022.