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How to Request an Exception to Open Recruitment for Student Jobs

Find out how to request an online exception to open recruitment when you want to hire a particular student.

In the right place? If you need to list an open recruitment, see How to List Student Jobs.

Handshake Resources

Before Beginning

Be aware these instructions will be similar to posting open positions but please be aware of differences in red. 

Make sure you have the following information from the Hiring Manager prior to submitting the job
listing. Submitting an Exception will be a two (2) step process. Step 1 create your job posting. Step 2
create and submit a Mach Form of student(s) to be hired. The following information is needed for the
Mach Form prior to submitting the posting in Handshake:

  • Justification – How is the department aware of this student’s skills, knowledge and/or
    previous experience? Why does the department want to hire this particular student as
    opposed to listing an open recruitment?\
  • Near Relative – Does this student have a near relative on campus? (No; Yes = complete and
    submit Near Relative form.)

Step 1: Create a New Job

Imputing the Basics

Complete required fields:

  • Job Title – Working Title / Payroll Title - EXC (Work-Study if applicable)
  • Company Division – This is your department's name. 
  • Require students to also apply through website or applicant tracking system? – The default is "No". Click "Yes" if you want students to apply via an external site and enter your URL address. Your URL must be active, and the Student Employment Office should be able to access your site or have a copy of application at submission time.
  • Display your contact information to students? The default is "Name Only". Change to "Don’t show my info" if you don’t want your name to be displayed on the posting.
  • Job Type – Choose “On Campus Student Employment.”
  • Employment Type – Choose "Part-Time."
  • Duration – Choose "Temporary" or "Seasonal" For "Start Date" enter the future start date of the position. "End Date" is optional and can be left blank.
  • Work Study Job? – The default is "No." Do not change the default, simply annotate “Work-study” in the job title.

Inputting Details

  • Description (to include but not limited to). Please see Job Posting Template (Word Doc), make sure to copy and paste all fields into the Description box. Do not enter student information within the posting, this information will be annotated in the Mach Form. You must submit an Exception to Hire Request Form (Mach Form) to accompany the Exception Job Posting request.
    • Job Description
    • Job Location (if applicable)
    • Qualifications
    • Special Conditions of Employment (meals/room; transportation; certificates; CANRA; etc.)
    • Desired Start Date (if applicable mandatory trainings and/or future start date)
    • Competencies (List 2-3)
    • Statements
      • UCSD student services fees
      • Near Relative
      • EOE
  • Job Functions – List is limited; select most applicable choice(s)
  • Approximate Salary (enter a number, not a range) = Pay Rate
    • Drop down menu – change to Per Hour
  • Job Location – default to UC San Diego address (do not change)
    • Allow remote workers – leave blank, do not check
  • Required Documents – If you select RESUME or COVER LETTER the student must upload their documents at the time of application. These documents will be collected/saved on the Department’s Profile, you will have to forward those resumes to the hiring manager. Note: departments may not request transcripts
    • Other Documents - optional; not listed above (field not visible on print preview only to student when they click “apply”.

Inputting Preferences

  • Graduation date range – leave blank, this is used for off campus employers
  • School Years – optional; may restrict candidates based on your selection and their profile data.
  • Minimum GPA = No. Leave blank
  • Majors – optional; may restrict candidates based on your selection and their profile data.
  • Applicant Packages – All applications and documents will be sent to this contact. If the incorrect contact is selected, please deselect the contact listed by clicking the "X" to delete. Find the correct contact within your list of contact's or scroll to the bottom of the list to add a contact. You will only need to add a contact once.  

Selecting School & Final Review

  • Select the school on left hand side: UC San Diego
  • Enter – Apply Start Date and Expiration Date. These are the same as the job will not go live. 
  • Click Create
  • Review posting for any edits needed; click Edit Job to make changes as needed and then submit.
  • Once the page reloads: Click "Schools" locate the the horizontal bars next to the expiration date, click and select "View Details" Enter whether your posting is new or a duplicate job#.

Step 2: Mach Form

Please fill out the Exception to Hire Mach Form. The Mach Form must be submitted in order for an exception to be approved. Exceptions will be made effective the date the Job Posting is submitted to Handshake; retroactive exceptions are not approved.

Complete Exception to Hire Mach Form

  • Enter the Preparer's first and last name. 
  • Enter the Department's Name as listed in Handshake. 
  • Enter today's date.
  • Input the Preparer's UC San Diego email address.
  • Enter the Handshake Job ID number. 

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Note: If you are hiring 5 or less students, please complete the form fields for each student. If you are submitting an exception for more than 5 hires, upload an excel file with each of the hires' full name, PID, and near relative information.

  • Input the Student’s Legal Name
  • Enter the Student's PID Number
  • Input Near Relative information for each student
  • Additional Authorization (i.e. Graduate Coordinator approval to hire student)
  • Include a Justification

Please do not send an additional email to Student Employment acknowledging the submission of the Mach
Form. We automatically receive the form once you click “submit”. Your department liaison will reply to you directly via email, with an approval or denial of your Exception to Hire request.


  • Mach form must be submitted in order for an exception to be approved.
  • Exceptions will be made effective the date the Job Posting is submitted to Handshake; retroactive exceptions are not approved.
  • If hiring graduate student(s), the graduate coordinator approval email should be either attached as a PDF to the mach form (recommended method), or forwarded to the SEO email separately. 
  • If you are looking to hire student employees and are in need of assistance, please contact Human Resources within your department.
  • For additional questions please contact the Student Employment Office