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Salary Plan Status: TX (2001-2002)

Find information about range adjustments, merit increases, and award eligibility for TX employees for fiscal year 2001-2002.

TX – Systemwide Technical (Represented by UPTE)

Range adjustment Step–based titles: 2% increase 10/1/01
Open–range titles: 2% increase to range minimums/maximums 10/1/01.
Merit Step–based titles: No merit increase.
Open–range titles: 2% increase to all career, non–probationary employees with satisfactory performance.
No casual or 6–month increases.
Employee incentive awards Eligible for cash bonuses. 0.5% mandatory assessment to IAP pool.
Other 4.5% salary increase for those at the maximum of the salary range for at least five years as of 10/1/01.

Information on other employee groups

If you have a question regarding an approved wage agreement, contact the Compensation Unit at (858) 534-0986.
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