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Learn more about Concur, UC San Diego's application for managing Travel & Expense.

This page is designed for employees, who are new to Concur, to find resources and guides on the Concur application quickly.

All UC San Diego employees have access to Concur. While the latest versions of most internet browsers will work for Concur, Google Chrome is the recommended browser for utilizing Concur.


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Concur 2.0 is LIVE!

Concur 2.0 provides a more seamless and efficient experience for all Triton community members who conduct business on behalf of the university. Enhancements went live on April 8, 2024. Visit the Concur 2.0 Blink page for details. 

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Policy Basics

Below are some quick-start links to policy articles, procedure guides, and training opportunities. 

Blink is the go-to resource for policy information. Please use the below links to be taken to the main page of each section.

Additionally, UCSD Travel has created a one-page document highlighting the key points of Travel policy. After reviewing the policy pages, feel free to submit a ticket via Services & Support with any additional questions. Our agents are happy to provide any clarification on policy.

Procedure Basics

Whereas Blink is the best source of policy information, all How-To guidance on Concur processes is housed in UC San Diego Services & Support. Visit the Budget & Finance Knowledge Base to search for articles by typing in keywords into the search box, or scrolling down to view Knowledge Base Articles by Category. The majority of Concur-related Articles are in the Travel category.

A set of key articles can be found below:

Concur Processes: Request & Expense

Please refer to the table below for more information on the different functions and uses of Concur Request and Expense.
Type Request Expense



Traveler Reimbursements

Travel & Entertainment Card Transactions (Travel) 

Payment to Non-Employee Payee (Travel Supplier)

Meetings & Entertainment


(Required only for Catering)

Reimbursement for Meetings & Entertainment/Events

 Travel & Entertainment Card Transactions (Entertainment)

Payment to Non-Employee Payee (Event Supplier)

University Card Programs

Travel & Entertainment Card

(New Card, Card Action)

Procurement Card

(New Card, Card Action)

Travel & Entertainment Card Transactions (Travel; Events)

 Procurement Card Transactions

Payment Products & Non-PO Employee Reimbursements

Human Subject Compensation

(PI/Assigned Coordinator; Gift Card)

Gift Cards 


Employee Reimbursements 



Concur for Employees with Delegates

Concur utilizes the Delegate feature in order to allow colleagues prepare documents on an employee's behalf. This permission must be given by the employee themselves - they are consenting to having a colleague act as a Delegate on their behalf. Assign a colleague as a Delegate (Knowledge Base Article).

Aside from assigning Delegates, the most interaction employees will have with Concur will be to log in and submit specific Travel Expense Reports. This is to allow the Traveler to certify the accuracy of the expenses being claimed for their reimbursement. Please utilize this guide to log in and submit specific Travel Expense Reports.

Concur for Delegates

Utilizing Concur to prepare documents on behalf of other employees is common practice within many departments at UC San Diego. While Concur is designed to have each employee prepare and submit their own documents, employees can set up their colleagues as Delegates in order to have them prepare documents on their behalf.

  • A Delegate is an employee with the ability to act on behalf of another user within Concur.
  • Employees who wish to have someone act as their delegate must log into the system and grant these permissions to their colleague.
    • A step-by-step guide to adding a Delegate in Concur has been written in Services & Support. Please follow those steps in order to allow a colleague to perform actions on your behalf in Concur.
    • This step cannot be skipped: an employee needs to perform this action to grant consent to having another employee act on their behalf.
  • Once set up as a Delegate, employees will be able to switch between their own Concur profile and the Concur profile of the employee they are a Delegate for

For actions that a Delegate cannot do (such as submitting a Travel Expense Report), the employee receiving the reimbursement must log in to Concur. Please see Concur for Employees with Delegates section above for specific instructions on that process.

Concur for Employees Self-Processing Reimbursements

For those who will be processing their own documents, we have created several guides on various procedures in Concur. More information can be found in the Procedure Basics section of this page.

Below are a few tips to employees processing their own documents via Concur:

Training & Additional Information

If you will be frequently utilizing Concur, there are training classes available to help you become familiar with the system. UCSD Travel & Expense holds two Travel training classes a month - Before You Go and Reporting Expenses. Additionally, there is a monthly class on Events & Expense Reimbursements. Class schedules can be found here.

Additional Information:

  • For a full page of Concur/Travel & Expense Resources (training, short videos, Services & Support travel categories), review Concur: Help.

  • Apply for a Travel & Entertainment Card - for employees traveling and entertaining for official UC San Diego business
Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.