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Registering Travelers

Find out how to utilize PaymentWorks with the Travel system at UC San Diego.

PaymentWorks is a self-service online tool that simplifies the way payees do business with UC San Diego. Payees can register to do business with UC San Diego, and update their information all in one place. Knowledge Base Articles on the invitation process and registration tips can be located in Services & Support.

Notice: UC San Diego employee (including Student Employee) information will be automatically uploaded to the new financial system, and there is no need for Employees to register for reimbursement or travel-related payments. Employees may update their payee information in UCPath.

General Tips

Here are some helpful tips for registering Payees who will receive Travel reimbursements:
  • A Traveler is anyone, traveling for business on behalf of the University, including those that will be reimbursed for their expenses or will have their expenses prepaid directly by the department
  • Any non-Employee (Guest) traveling on behalf of the University must register in PaymentWorks, even if they are not personally receiving a reimbursement, there are no exceptions
  • When inviting a Traveler to register in PaymentWorks, advise them to use the legal name of the Payee, either individual person or company, that the payment is being made out to. Failure to do so will cause delays in registration.
    • If a traveler is being reimbursed personally, they should register as an individual
    • If a traveler wants their company reimbursed, they will need to register their business as a supplier
    • If a traveler is performing services on behalf of their job, they should not be setup as a traveler, i.e. giving a workshop on topic “X" for "X" company, a PO should be submitted through Oracle Procurement
  • Any Employees (including Student Employees) should not register in PaymentWorks, but instead should verify their information is correct in UCPath
    • Reference the following Knowledge Base Article: Who can access Concur?
    • Please verify employment status with all students
      • There may be situations where a student is an employee for a different department (ex. being reimbursed for a lab expense, but the student also works in the bookstore)

Inviting a Payee and Obtaining a Payee Number

1. The first step in the process is to invite the Traveler to register as a Payee in PaymentWorks. Anyone with Single-Sign On access can log in to PaymentWorks and do this. Once logged in, select the Vendor Master Updates module.

2. In the Vendor Master Updates window, click on the Send Invitation button rhat is located under the filters on the left side of the screen.

3. Proceed to fill in the required information: Company/Individual Name, Contact E-Mail, Verify Contact E-Mail, Form Type (for travelers, select "Non-PO"), "What will your payee be receiving payment for?" (for travelers, select "Travel and Entertainment Reimbursement or Expenses", Initiator Name, Initiator Email, Initiator Phone Number, Initiator Department, & Personalized Message (optional). Note that the Initiator's information is the employee who is sending out the invitiation. 

4. When finished, select the Send button. This will send an email invitation to the traveler to register. Please contact the Traveler and ask them to click the link that was sent to them in their email. This will allow them to create a password for their PaymentWorks account and to complete their registration.

5. The Initiator will have access to see the status of the registration they sent in PaymentWorks under Vendor Master Updates. After the Traveler finishes and submits the registration, a confirmation email will be sent to both the UCSD user who sent the invitation and the Traveler. Please allow several business days for IPPS to process the registration. Once the registration has been processed, the UCSD user and the Traveler will receive another confirmation email with a Payee Number. This will be the number used to search for the Traveler in Concur.

Finding Non-Employee (Guest) Travelers in Concur

*For a full walkthrough of the Non-Employee (Guest) Travel process, please view this Knowledge Base Article.

When processing a Travel Expense Report for a Non-Employee (Guest) Traveler, ensure that the Payment Type Payment to Payee (Non-Employee) is selected for each Expense.

Payment Type

Further below, you will be able to search for your Payee. Select the funnel icon next to the text box and select Code.

search by code

Search for your payee using the Payee Number from PaymentWorks. You will then be able to select both the Payee and the address.

payee info

Updating Traveler Information

When collaborating with a Traveler that is already registered in PaymentWorks, please ask them to log in to PaymentWorks account to confirm that their information is correct and updated. It is the Traveler's responsibility to ensure that the information they provide is up-to-date. Failure to do so may cause delays in payment if sent to the wrong address or bank account.

If a Traveler reviews their information and deems that changes are necessary, please ask them to make the changes on their registration form in PaymentWorks and to submit an updated registration. The registration will be processed by IPPS and the Traveler will be notified when their information has been updated. This will not affect the Traveler's Payee Number.

Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.