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Travel: Requesting a Wire

Use the following step-by-step instructions to request a wire to a foreign banking institution for travel reimbursement.

Before requesting a wire:

Employees should use their Travel & Entertainment Card and reconcile in Concur for all trip-related payments and advances. Use a wire only if there is no other option (e.g., reimbursing a non-employee traveler who resides overseas) and be aware that sending a wire has inherent risk and is costly.

Requesting a travel reimbursement or prepayment to be paid via wire (for an electronic fund transfer to a payee's banking institution outside the U.S.)

  • Gather the following information:
    • Payee name
    • Payee address/ city/ country (required)
      • All international wire requests will require full Payee/ Beneficiary address details. Not providing a full address could cause a disruption in the wire payment and/or cause the wire payment to be rejected.
    • Payee bank account number
    • SWIFT code (Bank ID number)
    • CLABE number
    • IBAN
    • Sort Code
    • Bank name
    • Bank address
    • Amount of the wire
    • Currency type (USD, or a foreign currency if desired)
    • Financial Unit accounting information
    • Financial Unit Approval signature
  • Locate the SWIFT or BIC code routing number associated with the payee's checking or savings account. (The SWIFT code is generally 8 or 11 characters long.)
  • Complete a Travel Wire Transfer Form (PDF), using the information gathered above. The PDF has editable fields to fill and sign.
  • Attach Wire form to Expense Report in Concur. Reference this Knowledge Base Article for details.

Note: The copy of the conference registration will be used for documentation purposes only and not accompany the wire to the banking institution.

Processing wires

  • For step-by-step instructions on this process, please see this Knowledge Base Article
  • Allow 10 business days for the wire process, once the request is received, Travel:
    • Creates a wire reference number for internal tracking purposes.
    • Submits the wire request to University of California Office of the President (UCOP).
    • Receives an email from UCOP confirming funds have been transmitted (not received).
    • Sends department preparer an e-mail confirming funds have been transmitted (not received).
    • Retrieves the document number and wire date, then enters the information into the financial system to process the funds.
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Notice: UC San Diego travel policy, as published in Blink, is decisive. It has been adapted to UC San Diego's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, chart of accounts and processing applications. The source for UC San Diego travel policy is UC Travel Policy and Regulations (PDF).