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CMS: Uploading Images

Find out how to upload images to the CMS.

There are two ways to upload a new image:

  1. Use the WYSIWYG editor to upload an image directly onto a page.
  2. Upload images directly into an images folder for later use.

Note: In both cases, if you want to put the image in a new sub-folder in /_images, you need to create the new folder first.

Add Content: Upload the new image directly to /_images

For consistent organization across multiple CMS users and to avoid duplicate information, keep your images in an /_images folder (or a subfolder of /_images). Images should not be in the same folder as your page content.

Note: Don't put images in a /_modules folder - they will not publish from there.

Note: Don't upload an image that is too large or it will slow your page down. Resize images before uploading them. Most templates have a usable width of 900 pixels.

To add a new file, you will need to specify both the file and the file location within the CMS.

  1. From the menu bar, select Add Content
  2. Select Image

    New image screenshot
  3. On the new image screen that pops up, Drop a file in the indicated area or click choose to select a file from your computer.
  4. The file name will default to the name of the file you chose. Update the file name so it follows the rules for system names: all lowercase, uses hyphens instead of spaces, and has no special characters.

    Image upload screenshot
  5. Choose a placement folder for the file.
    1. Click Placement Folder.
    2. In the Choose a folder window that pops up, click Browse.
    3. Select an appropriate folder inside /_images.
      1. Click on the appropriate folder in the breadcrumb path to go up levels.
      2. Click on the name of a folder to open it and access sub-folders.
      3. Click the radio button next to the folder you want to hold the image.
      4. Click Choose.

        Image file chooser screenshot
    4. The Choose a folder window will close.
  6. Click Save & Preview.
  7. Click Submit.