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CMS: Update Existing Images

Find out how to update an existing image in the CMS.

You can update an existing image by editing it. The image in the CMS will keep the same name (as long as it has the same type of file extension), regardless of what the new image is named on your computer. This will preserve links to the image location while updating the image itself. If you upload a new image with the same system name as an old file, the CMS will automatically edit it, adding a '1' at the end.

This is especially useful if you have an image that users may have bookmarked or linked to, such as an org chart or infographic.

How to update images

Note: Don't upload an image that is too large or it will slow your page down. Resize images before uploading them. Most templates have a usable width of 900 pixels.

  1. Select the image file in the /_images folder. (You cannot edit images using the WYSIWYG editor within the page).
  2. Click Edit.
  3. You can upload a new image to this same location in the CMS.
  4. Use the buttons to:
    1. Resize (maintains aspect ratio by default)
    2. Rotate or flip (horizontally or vertically)
    3. Crop
    4. Image editor screen shot
  5. Click Save & Preview
  6. Click Submit.
Note: The image will be updated throughout the CMS. To update the image on the live site, the pages with relationships to the image need to be published.