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Auto Attendant Services

Learn about the Telecommunications Department, offering a permanent solution to communication bottlenecks through several advanced Automated Attendant Services.

Prompt response

The Auto Attendant will answer all calls on the first ring.

Enhance customer service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Automated Attendant performs tasks that will enhance customer service with a minimum of personal attention.

Call redirection

The Auto Attendant uses a simple menu to route callers to the appropriate telephone number or recorded information without any personal assistance. Recorded information can be updated at any time from any telephone, and is password protected.

Information service

Reduce call traffic by as much as 50% or more by providing the answers to common questions via the Auto Attendant.

How to order Auto Attendant

Submit a Customer Service Request (CSR).

For more information, contact the IT Services Customer Support Team, (858) 534-4277.