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Kuali Build Smart Form and Automated Approval Platform

Learn about Kuali Build, a powerful yet easy to use smart form and automated approval platform.

What Is Kuali Build

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Kuali Build is a cloud-hosted smart form and automated approval platform, built exclusively for Higher Education.

With mobile-ready, secure, and accessible forms and workflows, Kuali Build has helped campus users launch automated processes in minutes, not months.

Build’s platform features a robust drag-and-drop form and workflow builder, advanced form fields, signatures, role-based approval routing, branched conditions, a workflow tester, user-friendly yet powerful integrations, workflow status reporting, approval task management, and more.

This video demonstrates some of the Kuali Build features in action. 


Get Access

All UC San Diego students, faculty, and staff have access to Kuali Build.

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Kuali Build Features

Smart Form Creator

  • Drag and DropCreate forms in minutes with a fun-to-use drag and drop layout designer with sections, dozens of field options, and rich-text capabilities.
  • Complex Fields - Collect simple and complex data using advanced field gadgets like table layouts, integrations, file uploads, and more.
  • Integrated Look-Ups - Never type your full name or email address again. Pull known information from  internal campus systems to save your team’s time and reduce manual errors.
  • Sophisticated Logic - Show or hide fields based upon information input in other fields. Use field validation to make sure input data matches what you’re looking for.
  • Mobile-Ready - Automatically adjust to mobile-demands so Joe, the freshman, can submit his change of major request when running between classes.

Workflow Automation

  • Process Mapping - Visualize and sketch out end-to-end process designs using our simplified workflow creator, making process mapping a breeze.
  • Approvals Routing - Easily get a stamp of approval or acknowledgement from any person on  campus with our powerful integrated group routing engine.
  • Parallel Branching - Automate multiple simaltaneous approvals by branching routing activities based upon information collected during the process.
  • Customize Emails - Send automated and customized email notifications along every step of the workflow process, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Simulated Testing - Quickly preview and test your full workflow processes, including branches, notifications and integrations, with the click of a button.

Documents Dashboard

  • Identify Bottlenecks - Never let another approval slip through the email cracks again by having full transparency.
  • Custom Searches - Get into the groove of reporting with saved searches so your most pressing inquiries are front and center, always.
  • Optimize Processes - Easily identify which workflow approval steps cause the longest delays so you can implement improvements.
  • Export Data Sets - Unleash your inner data guru by importing data sets into your system of choice and query away to your heart’s content.
  • Filter Submissions - Quickly filter form submission data by any available information, empowering maximum learning possibilities.

If you have questions, contact the Kuali Build team