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SPO Proposal Review and Timely Submission

Read about proposal submission deadlines for all proposals submitted to the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO).

UC San Diego is one of the top research universities in the country. The campus administration supports our researchers by staying up to date on the requirements of the 1600+ entities from which we receive contracts or grants as well as changing state and federal requirements for these entities. To ensure researchers have the best chance of having their research projects funded, we need to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations and identify inaccuracies or errors that can be fixed before proposals are reviewed by funding agencies. 

The SPO, through their contract and grant officers and analysts, has designated delegated authority to solicit, accept, and execute extramural contracts and grants. The SPO is responsible for reviewing and endorsing extramural proposals, or Institutional Review, on behalf of The Regents of the University of California.

  • integrity in research
  • appropriateness of the activity to the University’s mission
  • protection of human and animal subjects
  • use of University facilities and resources
  • cost-sharing
  • adherence to personnel policies as it relates to sponsored research
  • intellectual property
  • conflict of interest
  • recovery of costs (both direct and indirect/F&A)
  • liability, insurance and indemnification, and
  • export controls
That is why we are advising faculty and research administrators to adhere to the following:

A complete and accurate KR record and final proposal package, with required documents uploaded to both KR and sponsor’s portal (if applicable), will be prioritized by the order routed to an officer stop and reviewed in accordance with the Proposal Submission Timeline below (NOTE: For Scripps Institution of Oceanography see the Late Submission Waiver Process

Institutional Review of
KR Record and Proposal
Institutional Review of KR Record
As-Is Submission of the proposal itself
No Guaranteed Submission
5 Business Days before the published deadline date. Less than 2 Business Days before the published deadline date. After 8:00 a.m. on the published deadline date.
  • Final proposals routed to an officer stop before 4:30 p.m. on the 2nd Business Day prior to the deadline due date, fall into the Institutional Review category.
  • The SPO will conduct an institutional review based on institutional risk, for consistency with institutional policies/requirements, and identification of possible errors and/or warnings that would prevent proposal submission (if applicable).
  • All records must contain a complete and accurate KR  record prior to submission.
  • Final proposals routed to an officer stop less than 2 Business Days before the deadline are considered an “As-Is” submission.
  • As-Is submissions are submitted but without a guaranteed and thorough review of any documents or possible errors and/or warnings.
  • It is common for As-is submissions to be rejected by the sponsor.
  • No guaranteed submission for proposals routed to an officer stop after 8am on the published deadline day.
  • Proposals routed to an officer stop that fall under this category will be evaluated for possible submission by management based on risk.
  • In an effort to provide the appropriate service level to customers who routed proposals timely, last-minute proposals will be reviewed in the order they were received, and only after other proposals that arrived at the officer stop prior are reviewed and submitted.

For more information or questions email