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Create a Kuali Research Record

Information on how to Create a Kuali Research Record.

This page provides tips and guidance related to entering various agreements into the enterprise system of record.  See below for additional Kuali Research resources, help, and training:

Submitting Requests

  • Kuali Research Systems Training: To register for various eCourses and Virtual Instructor Led training related to the various Kuali modules and to access the Kuali Research Training Guides.
  • Additional Resources and Help: To get more information on various resources, search the knowledge base and how to contact a Research Administration Client Experience agent.

Clinical Research & Trials

Clinical Trial Questions

  • Activity Type: Clinical Research
    • IMPORTANT: Selecting "Clinical Research" will populate the required questionnaires related to Clinical Trials.
    • If the award type is a PI-authored Clinical Trial, the protocol should be provided/written by the PI
  • Deadline Date for Internal Proposals:
    • 6 months from the date the record is created: 6 months out is the numerical equivalent to “internal” and lets your contract officer know that there is no hard deadline
  • Indirect Costs (IDC)
    • Industry-funded clinical trials: 33% of Total Direct Costs (TDC)
    • Federally funded clinical trials must use UC San Diego's federally-negotiated IDC rate
    • For all other rates see the UC San Diego IDC Rate Chart
  • Internal Comments: Provide details regarding the study and/or Kuali Research record
  • Attachments: Upload the following, at minimum, in a single PDF document:
    1. Internal budget sheet
    2. Research Plan
    3. Complete Proposal Application


When completing the Kuali Research record for a fellowship proposal complete the record as you would a grant or contract with the following differences:

When Creating a Proposal

  • For "Anticipated Award Type" select Fellowship

Key Personnel

  • Proposed Fellow will be entered as the Principal Investigator (PI) on all Fellowship Proposals.
  • Faculty member (mentor/sponsor) will be entered as a Co-Investigator (Co-I) if a Conflict of Interest disclosure is required. OR
  • Faculty member (mentor/sponsor) will be entered as a Key Study Person if a Conflict of Interest is not required.

Special Review Tab

  • Departments will be required to enter a COI special review line for 700U sponsors. Enter a line with status as "Pending" and your SPO analyst will update the record.
  • PI Exceptions are not required for fellowships.
  • Departments will be required to enter a PI Exception special review line for non-PI eligible title codes. Enter a line with status as "Pending" and your SPO analyst will update the record. This will also trigger the PI Exception Questionnaire, answer "yes" on the questionnaire.

Multi-Campus Awards (MCAs)

Outgoing MCA's are processed in the Kuali Research (KR) Subaward module. Go to Requesting MCAs  for details about using KR Subaward to request Outgoing MCAs. 

At the Time of Proposal

Submit the following documents to your SPO Officer.

  1. Statement of Work: Describe what the receiving campus will do during a specific duration defined by the awarded project.
  2. Itemized Budget & Justification
  3. UC campus/Lab budget: Provide a detailed budget and justification for the work that the receiving UC campus will perform. The receiving UC campus budget shall include their approved/applicable IDC rate and fringe benefit rates, in addition to all direct costs.
  4. UCSD Budget: UCSD’s budget shall include all costs associated with the proposed scope of work, including the approved/applicable IDC. Unless otherwise instructed by the sponsor, the entirety of the receiving UC campus budget should be included as part of UCSD’s direct costs. Per UC policy, UCSD

does not assess the campus IDC on MCAs issued to awards to another UC campus regardless of the IDC base. MCA Commitment Form (PDF) from the recipient campus.

KR Subaward Record

For MCAs, the required information will be slightly different than Outgoing Subawards to other entities.

Subawards tab

  • Description: Enter "Initial Multi-Campus Award" or "Initial MCA"
  • F&A Rate: Enter "0"
  • Supplier Site ID: Enter "INTERCAMPUS" for all MCAs (Oracle Supplier Report is not needed for MCAs)

Check back for updated information!

Outgoing Subawards

Kuali Research Subawards

View the Kuali Research Subaward guide or the Research Knowledge Base for knowledge articles.

Required Documentation

Be sure to include the following:

  • Statement of Work: What is the subrecipient doing? Please ensure this is detailed enough for us to determine the subrecipient's involvement in the project.
  • Itemized Budget: How much are we issuing? The subrecipient should provide a detailed budget that matches the requested amount in your iRequest.
  • Notice of Award (NOA): Do you have a Prime Award? In order to send out a subaward, we need a copy of the current award.
  • Subrecipient Commitment Form: Was this collected at time of proposal? If so, please include it in your submission. If not, we can collect this information from the subrecipient.


Check the Kuali Research Training page for Subaward Training offerings.

For more information or questions email