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Creating an Endowed Chair (Health Sciences)

Read the description below to see how an endowed chair or professorship is created in Health Sciences.

1. School of Medicine (SOM) Dean

  • Works with SOM Development officer to propose an endowed chair and execute the gift agreement

2. Donor Stewardship Office

  • Drafts a letter proposing the endowed chair with input from SOM Dean, Department Chair (if applicable), and Health Sciences Development Office. The letter:
    • Explains how the proposed endowed chair fits into the academic plan for the division
    • Serves as a proposal to establish and name an endowed chair
  • Drafts the item for action
    • Proposed name of the chair
    • Explains how the chair will be funded
    • Provides information on donor or honoree
    • Provides information about the proposed chair and any conditions of the chair
  • Obtains the signature of the SOM Dean on the proposal letter
  • Sends copies of the proposal letter and draft item for action to the:
    • Associate Dean, SOM, Academic Personnel
  • Requests a pre-review of the endowed chair documents from the Office of Institutional Advancement, UCOP
  • Sends the original, signed letter and draft item for action to the Health Sciences Faculty Council (HSFC) appointed liaison

3. Health Sciences Faculty Council

  • Evaluates the proposed chair item for action
  • If approved, HSFC sends its recommendation to the Vice Chancellor – Health Sciences
  • If not approved, HSFC sends a letter to the Vice Chancellor – Health Sciences with a copy to the Dean

(Please note that the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has a seperate council to review)

4. Vice Chancellor - Health Sciences

  • Sends the original approval letter to the Donor Stewardship Office
  • Sends copies of the proposal to the:
    • SOM Dean
    • Executive Vice Chancellor – Academic Affairs (EVCAA)
    • SOM Development Office
    • Senate Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP)
    • Academic Personnel Services (APS)
    • Department Chair (if the endowed chair is attached to a particular department)

5. Donor Stewardship Office

  • Drafts the EVCAA's letter to the Chancellor recommending approval of the proposed chair
  • Finalizes the item for action
  • Sends the letter and finalized item for action to the EVCAA's office for signature and routing to the Chancellor

6. Chancellor

  • Reviews the item for action
  • Signs the EVCAA's letter, if it is approved
  • Returns the approval letter to the EVCAA and Office of Donor Stewardship

The appointment process (see Step 10) can begin after approval by the Chancellor

7. Executive Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs

  • Sends a copy of the approval letter to Academic Personnel Services (APS)

8. Vice Chancellor - Advancement

  • Sends a copy to the Associate Vice Chancellor – Health Sciences

9. Vice Chancellor - Health Sciences

  • Sends copies to the SOM Dean and the Associate Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences Development

10. The appointment process begins

If you have questions, please contact Corinne Cramer, (858) 534-8888.