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Health Sciences Reappointment to a Non-Department-Based Endowed Chair Without Committee Review

Learn how a candidate is reappointed to a non-department-based endowed chair in the Health Sciences.

All chairholders appointed January 1, 2015 and thereafter, are covered by the UC San Diego Guidelines for New Endowed Chairs (PDF)

Note: In general, reappointments to an endowed chair must be reviewed by a departmental review committee. However, an exception may be made if the chair holder’s record of accomplishment in all performance criteria in their academic series continues to be highly distinguished, meritorious, and in harmony with the stated terms, goals, and purpose of the endowed chair, and if the reappointment is in the best interest of the department, division, or school. Highly distinguished meritorious criteria includes teaching, research, and service for appointees in the professorial series

1. VCHS or designee

  • Submits a formal letter of justification for reappointment addressed to the Chancellor. The letter should discuss in detail how the chairholder’s record of accomplishment in all performance criteria for their academic series continues to be:
    • Highly distinguished and meritorious
    • Harmonious with the stated terms, goals, and purpose of the endowed chair
  • Provides the chairholder’s current CV.
  • Submits the packet to APS.

2. Academic Personnel Services (APS)

  • Prepares the reappointment packet for submission to the Senate Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP)
  • Includes the nominee's most recent academic advancement file in the packet if the candidate is a UC San Diego faculty member
  • Ensures that the following items are included with the packet:
    • Approved presidential item
    • Approval from SOM Committee on Educational Policy (CEP)
  • Forwards the file to CAP

A complete reappointment packet includes:

  • SOM CEP approval
  • Approved presidential item
  • Candidate's CV
  • Candidate's most recent academic review file (if a UC San Diego faculty member)
  • VCHS or designee's recommendation letter

3. Senate Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP)

  • Reviews the reappointment packet and academic file
  • Decides whether to act as its own ad hoc or select an ad hoc committee from a campus-wide membership
  • Renders a recommendation to the Chancellor

4. APS

  • If favorable, APS prepares and sends the chancellor’s letter reappointing the candidate to the endowed chair, with copies to the department chair, VCHS or designee, Donor Stewardship Office
  • If not favorable APS, on behalf of the Chancellor, sends a letter to the department chair with a copy to the VCHS or designee

5. VCHS or designee

  • Within two weeks of the Chancellor's reappointment letter, sends a second letter to the candidate setting forth the details of the renewed endowed chair with copies to:
    • APS
    • Department Chair
    • Department MSO
    • Donor Stewardship
    • SOM Development Office
    • EVCAA

6. Executive Vice Chancellor – Academic Affairs (EVCAA)

  • Sends a congratulatory letter to the candidate with copies to:
    • Department Chair
    • Department MSO
    • VCHS or designee
Contact Lynn Field-Karsh, (858) 822-4032.