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Maintenance and Repair Services

Building Operations staff provide basic services for state-funded areas. Campus customers can request additional services on a recharge basis. See How to Request Facilities Management Services.

relamping  outdoor light

See How to Request Facilities Management Services.

General Maintenance and Repairs

As needed:

  • Repair and maintain plumbing systems
  • Repair and maintain skylights, windows and window hardware
  • Clean, repair and replace rain gutters
  • Repair and replace ceiling tiles
  • Repair and replace classroom seating, floor coverings, cove and base molding, windows, doors, and door hardware

As needed or upon request:

  • Perform power washing
  • Repair and replace ceramic tile
  • Renovate restrooms, including new partitions, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures and dispensers

Upon request:

  • Sandblasting

Carpentry Services

As needed:

  • Perform preventive maintenance on all roof systems
  • Inspect all reroofing projects during construction

Upon request:

  • Perform minor alterations
  • Construct and install countertops, custom cabinets, shelving, mail slots and picture frames
  • Install and configure furniture and partition systems
  • Finish, touch up and repair furniture
  • Repair and replace keyboard trays

Electrical Services

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

  • As needed, change air conditioning filters and repair and maintain:
    • Walk-in cold and warm boxes
    • Building chillers and auxiliary chillers (microscope and MRI coolers)
    • Trailer air conditioning units
    • Package air conditioning units, split systems, gas packs, heat pumps, straight cooling and electric heat
  • Upon request:
    • Repair and maintain computer room cooling units
    • Estimate, install and maintain department-purchased air conditioning units and equipment (We do not maintain or repair ultralow temp freezers, reach-in lab or kitchen refrigerators, chest freezers, ice machines, gas-fired furnaces or window air conditioning units.)

Alarms and Controls

  • As needed:
    • Repair, read and calibrate meters (electrical, water, gas, HTW and CHW)
    • Repair and maintain:
      • Fire alarm systems
      • Elevators
      • Automated clock systems in buildings
      • Traffic signals
  • As needed or upon request:
    • Install electrical, water, gas, HTW and CHW meters
    • Repair motor controls (VFD, soft starts, and magnetic)
  • Upon request: Repair and maintain UPS and inverter systems

Note: We do not repair or maintain security alarm systems.


  • As needed:
    • Replace light bulbs: Ceiling light fixtures, lab bench light fixtures, fume hoods, exterior building lights, walkway lights, and parking lot lights
    • Replace lighting ballasts
    • Troubleshoot lighting systems — complete buildings to individual light fixtures
    • Replace or reset time clocks, photo cells and relays that control lighting systems
  • Upon request: Install and maintain department-purchased light fixtures and control devices

Note: We do not maintain or repair portable lamps.

We repair or maintain department-owned or-purchasedequipment on a recharge basis only. We do not maintain or repair electric scooters, lab or office equipment, telephones or microwave ovens.

Perform all aspects of electrical maintenance, construction and repair, including:

  • Troubleshooting electrical equipment
  • Lab or office circuit relocation
  • Installing new or relocating lab/office circuits
  • Installing new equipment

Metal Fabrication Services


  • Perform preventive maintenance of all metal doors (building entry, office, lab, and mechanical rooms)

As needed:

Fabricate, design and install:

  • Light-gauge sheets to heavy-gauge plate, angle iron, channel, etc.
  • Supply and exhaust ventilation
  • Fume hood ducting, trays24/7 and screens

As needed or upon request:

  • Design and fabricate all types of sheet metal projects
  • Repair and modify lab equipment
  • Weld, including heli-arc, MIG, plasma, oxygen, and acetylene
  • Repair and replace metal doors
  • Maintain all metal handrails

Painting Services

As needed or upon request:

  • Prepare, prime and paint new/existing interior ceilings, walls, stairs, handrails, ladders, casework, doors, frames, etc.
  • Paint and stain exteriors and repair substrates
  • Apply wall coverings, coatings and spray finishes
  • Remove graffiti and apply protective coatings
  • Epoxy floors
Questions? Contact the Customer Relations help desk, (858) 534-2930, 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. weekdays.