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Facilities Management Contacts

Find the right contact for details about Facilities Management services.


University of San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0908
La Jolla, CA 92093-0908

Office Location

Campus Services Complex, Building D (map)

Facilities Management Director

Jason Kayne, (858) 534-1389

Customer Relations and Service Requests

Customer Relations help desk and billing inquiries, (858) 534-2930, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays 

How to Request Service

Customer Feedback

If you have a concern or complaint about how we handled any request, contact the Customer Relations manager, (858) 534-0317, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

Wendy Schiefer, Assistant Director, Work Management, (858) 822-7800

Building Operations

Jose Moret, Assistant Director, (858) 967-9481

Zone Operations

Charles Bryant, Sr. Superintendent, (858) 967-2150

Darnell Johnson, Superintendent, Campus Zones, (858) 534-6618

Larry Octon, Superintendent, SIO, (858) 534-9993

Matt Winklepleck, Superintendent, HVAC, (858) 246-2279


Jesus Ortiz, Sr. Superintendent, (858) 534-9617

Gary Bosman, Superintendent, AC/R Shop, (858) 534-2183

Rob Henderson, Superintendent, Project Team, (858) 245-9402

Mario Hernandez, Superintendent, Carpentry Shop, (858) 246-2801

Brandon Hirsch, Superintendent, Electric Shop, (858) 534-2183

Kenny Picha, Superintendent, Fire Alarm and Elevators, (858) 534-2183

Kynn Sunico, Superintendent, Plumbing Shop, (619) 616-8184

James Reader, Superintendent, Lock, Paint and Sign Shops, (858) 534-3970

Administrative Support

Grace Malerba, Administrative Assistant, (858) 246-2721

Elizabeth Priest, Administrative Assistant, (858) 822-6571

Nikki Visocky, Administrative Assistant, (858) 534-4983

Building Services

Mario X. Sierra, Assistant Director, (858) 246-4474

LaJuan Lynch, Day and Weekend Superintendent, (858) 534-0751

Frank Hernandez, Night Superintendent, (858) 822-3650

Fleet Services

Jonny Mason, Assistant Director, (858) 822-4443

General information, vehicle rental and electronic fuel keys
Laura Mandigo or Alex McLouth, (858) 534-3485

Vehicle leasing and procurement
Jaegan Ayoub, (858) 534-8848

Campus vehicle maintenance and repairs
Jordan Eiler, (858) 534-8410

UC San Diego vehicle emergencies, accidents or incidents

  • 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays: (858) 534-3485
  • After hours: Call the UC San Diego Police Dispatcher, (858) 534-4357. Be prepared to provide detailed information so the on-call fleet services personnel can assess the situation.

Landscape Services

Bryan K. Hooks, Assistant Director, (858) 534-5585

David Boggs, Supervisor, (858) 282-4483
Campus irrigation

Daniel Foley, Superintendent, (858) 246-5394
ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist

Michael D. Hogan, Superintendent/Urban Forester, (858) 822-6461
East campus landscaping (east of Ridge Walk), campuswide tree trimming and vegetation management

Andre Leon, Superintendent, (858) 822-5052
West campus landscaping (west of Ridge Walk), SIO and parking structure sweeping and steam cleaning

Todd Schmidt, Superintendent, (858) 831-8302
BSc Botany, Zoology

Greg Snelling, Superintendent, (858) 822-5001
Turf and hardscape maintenance and construction projects

  • Campus landscape design and plan review
  • Mowing and street sweeping
  • Bollard repair
  • Landscape equipment operations

Elizabeth Lin, Waste Management, Recycling & Sustainability Manager, (858)463-8180
Outdoor recycling and waste management

Dave Wilkinson, Superintendent, (858) 534-6618
Housing and dining facilities landscaping and outdoor pest management

Machining and Additive Prototyping Services

Project Management

Facilities Accessibility

Building interiors

Exterior pathways and physical access