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Indoor Cleaning Services

Facilities Management Building Services provides a basic level of cleaning services for state-funded areas.

custodian vacuuming

Campus customers can request supplemental services for an additional charge.

Custodians clean every day and night but may perform different functions daily. A list of cleaning services and frequencies appears below.

Area Service Schedule

Custodial staff provide these services on weekdays.

Area Remove
Clean Restock


Daily N/A Disinfect daily Daily Mop daily Weekly

Offices, Cubicles

Tu & Th or F Tu & Th or F N/A N/A Biweekly N/A


Tu/F Tu/F N/A N/A Weekly N/A

Clinics, Exam Rooms

Daily Daily N/A N/A Mop with disinfectant daily Weekly

Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Computer Labs, Study Rooms

Daily Daily Boards, tables, desks and align chairs daily Board trays daily Daily Biweekly

Lobbies, Hallways, Elevators

Daily Daily Drinking fountains daily N/A Weekly N/A

Kitchens, Break Rooms

Daily Daily Countertops and sinks daily N/A Daily N/A
Stairwells N/A N/A Handrails monthly N/A Monthly Monthly


Service Frequency
Secure public-access doors As arranged
Secure interior spaces As arranged
Sweep exterior patios, walkways, stairwells Quarterly
Strip and refinish floors Annually
Clean carpeting Annually
Wash windows Once every three years

Customer-Requested Services

We provide these recharge services upon request. View hourly rates

Service Recharge Cost (prices subject to change)
Repair, clean blinds Approximately $59–$114 per hour
Strip and refinish floors – beyond annual service Approximately $0.20–$0.39 per square foot
Clean carpeting – beyond annual service Approximately $0.14 per square foot
Minimum charge during business hours: $172–$293
Minimum charge during nights/weekends: $218–$338
Wash windows – beyond three year service Estimate provided
Increased level of custodial services Approximately $57–$86 per hour
Room configurations and set-ups Approximately $63–$94 per hour with 1 hour minimum


Contact the Customer Relations help desk, (858) 534-2930, 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., weekdays.