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Gender-Inclusive and Single-Occupancy Restroom Locations

gender inclusive restroom sign

Several gender-inclusive and single-occupancy restrooms are located throughout the UC San Diego campus.

Restroom Locations

Specific locations of gender-inclusive and single-occupancy restrooms on main campus, SIO and Hillcrest are shown on this interactive map.

New Signage

The campus is in the process of replacing existing signage on all gender-inclusive and single-occupancy restrooms, in accordance with the UC Office of the President’s Guidelines on Gender Inclusive Facilities.

Many people may experience difficulty, inconvenience or harassment when using gender-specific restrooms and facilities. Parents with children of a different gender, as well as caregivers to persons of a different gender, face difficulties in accompanying them.

Guidelines for Gender-Inclusive Facilities:

  • Seek to create a safe, accessible, respectful and inclusive campus environment for transgender and gender variant people
  • Provide direction on the implementation of gender-inclusive facilities in UC-owned buildings
  • Affirm that individuals have the right to use facilities that correspond with their gender identity

New signage on main campus and SIO is pictured above. Updated ADA signs will be included where applicable. Note: Housing Dining & Hospitality and Medical Center facilities may have different sign designs.

For more information, call Facilities Management Customer Relations, (858) 534-2930, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., weekdays.
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